Tuesday, August 9

new home for gretchen

On sunday night, we decided that our fish was quite an eye sore on our little kitchen table. (i also just hated to clean the fish bowl..yuck) So we decided to take her to the BYU duck pond where she could live happily ever after!

At first i felt really guilty for putting her in there...

But then i realized how happy she was! As soon as we put her in, she swam to the other side of the pond and back. It was amazing and i think that she will grow to love her new home.

Goodbye gretchen!


  1. That is exactly why I haven't given into Teya's begging for a fish! I don't want to clean out the bowl and I'd probably just end up sticking it back in a pond somewhere too! I'm sure gretchen will have a good old time in there, plenty of cute boy fish to hang out with in her new stomping grounds; )

  2. hahahahaha. Good post. Gretchen may be in one of the duck's stomachs but at least she felt free for a few moments


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