Sunday, August 21

This weekend our friends got married in California. Sara and James. Devin flew down on Wednesday to join in all of the festivities and I flew down friday night to go to their reception. Then we flew back on Saturday. It was so much fun and i'm really happy i was able to fly down for a few hours. (Thanks Bob for flying me down)

Some highlights-
I took a taxi. (that's a big step)
I spent 2 nights alone (another big step)
Devin and I were apart for the first time since we've been married-- Absence makes the heart grow fonder :)

James and Sara's wedding was AMAZING! so classy at the country club and had a great nautical theme. I think we were in Orange County or something- so that alone just makes it amazing!

Their first dance.

gettin' our groove on.

Hanging out after the happy couple left.

I love men

Father in law- Bob. Always a treat to see him! As the days go on we love California more and more. Hopefully we can go to medical school there or just live there one day :) Cross your fingers!

I love their cake.

When we got back to Utah, we saw both of our families for some mini reunions with relatives that were in town. Devin's Uncle Clay and Aunt Holly were in town and my Aunt Mindy and Uncle Jim were in town. It was great to see them! These were the only pictures i took though

Shout out to my dad for getting 3rd place OVERALL in a 5k on saturday!! He's my hero!!!


  1. I love that pic of you guys with Bob! So awesome! That would be so cool if you guys ended up in Cali. Bob would be in heaven having you close by : )

    Oh and p.s. your dad is a rockstar!! Totally inspiring!

  2. So glad that is the only picture you got of me last night hahaha.


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