Tuesday, September 27


This past weekend we went to LA to see Devin's father :) After a lot of begging, I finally convinced dev to go to disneyland. I promised him it would be the best day of his life!! and boy it sure was.

Here are some pictures from our weekend!

Bob and Dev checking out the pool remodel.

Disneyland!!!! We had a blast! Such a happy, wonderful place :)

space mountain...

Thunder mountain...

Some of the cute halloween decorations...

This is my favorite picture from the whole trip. Dev was being so goofy on the rides...and screaming like a girl! how embarrassing :)

Saturday morning walk... past jess simpson's old stomping grounds...

What a fun weekend! It was fun to get out of provo, see my awesome father-in-law, relax, and see mickey mouse. Hopefully during one of these LA trips, the Kardashians will pop up somewhere. (don't tell dev i said that. he haaaaaattttteeeeesssss the kardashians.)

p.s. i dyed my hair back blonde today! goodbye to the melt...and people thinking i couldn't afford to get my hair colored.

Wednesday, September 21


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Tuesday, September 20

happy week

One of the best feelings is starting a new week with a bran new sense of motivation and new goals. I have loved this week so far (k it's only tuesday night.. but still). Some of the reasons why:

I am over my cold. No more laying on the couch next to a growing pile of tissues each night. see picture below. (That was last week and it made me sad.)

My nails are painted. - for some reason that just makes me happy and like i have a fresh start.

I started a no sugar/treat bet with my friend audrey for a month. I already feel awesome about it and it affects all of my eating habits. It has been a healthy 2 days my friends...

I have gone to the gym each morning. I love getting up early. It's just the getting up part that is awful for me. but luckily mi amor has been getting up early with me to make it easier.

Biking. I love that we have our road bikes and that I can manage to get some fresh air each evening. These fall nights have been gorgeous!

I bought some amazing, perfectly ripe bananas this week. I used to love them super yellow and ripe. But now i'm started to go green!! (uh oh... that sounds like an environmentalist...)

Because I have been so happy, i have had soooo much patience with my students. It has made teaching so much more fun.

I discovered that oatmeal/oats hurt my tummy. Here I was trying to be all healthy with my old fashioned oats each morning and granola bars for snacks, when really it was making my tummy hurt by the afternoon. ahhh such a good realization and so happy the pain is gone.

Upcoming events i am looking forward to: general conference, possible california trip this weekend, anderson family pic in oct., halloween, fall break, ....and i think there are more but i will stop there. time for my 10 pm bedtime!

Sunday, September 18

byu vs. ut

Last night we went to the BYU vs. UTAH rivalry game. IT WAS SO FRUSTRATING! byu really blew it. and i will be honest and say that utah totally deserved the win.

but on a happier note...
Here we are in our new byu shirts! It was the perfect night for a game... even if we were on the back row :)

bro in law, ryan, sat with us.

so did a few of our utah fan friends. how embarrassing to be seen with them...

I had so much fun! look how gorgeous the flag is. And they even had fireworks at the beginning.

and then here is the gorgeous sunset!

earlier in the day, ash and i hiked to the Y... ok so maybe we got tired and only hiked 3/4 of the way up. but it was nice to be outside for a change and not stuck inside a window-less classroom all day.

and dev played football in the morning and was too tired to come hiking. i found him like this... he was trying to make it to the shower, but was too tired to get there. poor guy.

Sunday, September 11

marathon fail

I have decided not to run the st. george marathon :(
My leg has been really bothering me and I can barely run a couple miles without being in pain. Therefore, it probably wouldn't be smart to run 26.2 miles on it.
I have been having a hard time with my decision and to be honest, I feel like a failure...
But, I've decided to set some new goals and focus on 10k's and half marathons for now and hopefully one day my body can build up to a marathon.

Tuesday, September 6

i love 3 day weekends

I love 3 day weekends!
We went to St. George and it was so fun!

We went on a mountain biking adventure. Here is my mom. She is hardcore.

It was a gorgeous day and the clouds looked way cool.


Me and Ashers. I would get really nervous and cautious when we would go down steep cliffs that had lots of slippery sand and rocks and so I would just get off of my bike and run... this happened the majority of the 2 1/2 hour bikeride. I trust my legs a lot better than a silly mountain bike. I recruited Ash to run too. The husbands were pretty disappointed at their wimpy wives.

But in the end I was happy to be so cautious because I watched my dad go down this steep cliff thing and flip over his bike onto the dirt. His tire on his bike totally flew off too. SCARY! He was banged up from that, but wasn't hurt too badly... He was lucky.
Here they are fixing the bike:

He didn't stay safe for long though! He ended up getting stitches in his leg from slicing his leg on his bike. Poor dad.

For the rest of the trip, we relaxed, watched some football games, played lots of card games, biked, went on walks, went swimming, and ate yummy food of course!

P.S. We ended the trip by stopping at Costa Vida on the way home.
and let me just say that CAFE RIO > Costa Vida.
like my math skills?

Thursday, September 1

dove chocolate.

you know you have an amazing principal when...she invites you into her office and feeds you chocolate when kids make you cry.