Sunday, September 18

byu vs. ut

Last night we went to the BYU vs. UTAH rivalry game. IT WAS SO FRUSTRATING! byu really blew it. and i will be honest and say that utah totally deserved the win.

but on a happier note...
Here we are in our new byu shirts! It was the perfect night for a game... even if we were on the back row :)

bro in law, ryan, sat with us.

so did a few of our utah fan friends. how embarrassing to be seen with them...

I had so much fun! look how gorgeous the flag is. And they even had fireworks at the beginning.

and then here is the gorgeous sunset!

earlier in the day, ash and i hiked to the Y... ok so maybe we got tired and only hiked 3/4 of the way up. but it was nice to be outside for a change and not stuck inside a window-less classroom all day.

and dev played football in the morning and was too tired to come hiking. i found him like this... he was trying to make it to the shower, but was too tired to get there. poor guy.

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