Tuesday, September 27


This past weekend we went to LA to see Devin's father :) After a lot of begging, I finally convinced dev to go to disneyland. I promised him it would be the best day of his life!! and boy it sure was.

Here are some pictures from our weekend!

Bob and Dev checking out the pool remodel.

Disneyland!!!! We had a blast! Such a happy, wonderful place :)

space mountain...

Thunder mountain...

Some of the cute halloween decorations...

This is my favorite picture from the whole trip. Dev was being so goofy on the rides...and screaming like a girl! how embarrassing :)

Saturday morning walk... past jess simpson's old stomping grounds...

What a fun weekend! It was fun to get out of provo, see my awesome father-in-law, relax, and see mickey mouse. Hopefully during one of these LA trips, the Kardashians will pop up somewhere. (don't tell dev i said that. he haaaaaattttteeeeesssss the kardashians.)

p.s. i dyed my hair back blonde today! goodbye to the melt...and people thinking i couldn't afford to get my hair colored.


  1. Steph, where do you get your hair done?

  2. Hey!! Brittany Hewitt (mutzinger) still does my hair. She is THE BEST!! Let me know if you want more info cuz i have a discount card to give to anyone i refer.


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