Tuesday, September 6

i love 3 day weekends

I love 3 day weekends!
We went to St. George and it was so fun!

We went on a mountain biking adventure. Here is my mom. She is hardcore.

It was a gorgeous day and the clouds looked way cool.


Me and Ashers. I would get really nervous and cautious when we would go down steep cliffs that had lots of slippery sand and rocks and so I would just get off of my bike and run... this happened the majority of the 2 1/2 hour bikeride. I trust my legs a lot better than a silly mountain bike. I recruited Ash to run too. The husbands were pretty disappointed at their wimpy wives.

But in the end I was happy to be so cautious because I watched my dad go down this steep cliff thing and flip over his bike onto the dirt. His tire on his bike totally flew off too. SCARY! He was banged up from that, but wasn't hurt too badly... He was lucky.
Here they are fixing the bike:

He didn't stay safe for long though! He ended up getting stitches in his leg from slicing his leg on his bike. Poor dad.

For the rest of the trip, we relaxed, watched some football games, played lots of card games, biked, went on walks, went swimming, and ate yummy food of course!

P.S. We ended the trip by stopping at Costa Vida on the way home.
and let me just say that CAFE RIO > Costa Vida.
like my math skills?


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