Sunday, September 11

marathon fail

I have decided not to run the st. george marathon :(
My leg has been really bothering me and I can barely run a couple miles without being in pain. Therefore, it probably wouldn't be smart to run 26.2 miles on it.
I have been having a hard time with my decision and to be honest, I feel like a failure...
But, I've decided to set some new goals and focus on 10k's and half marathons for now and hopefully one day my body can build up to a marathon.


  1. You are amazing! I look up to you so much for all you do :)

  2. Im impressed you were even willing to sign up at all. But it's smarter to stay healthy and let your legs heal. I wish I was half as awesome as you.

  3. im sorry steph! you are awesome though, dont be sad!

  4. So sorry Steph! You are NOT a failure though. Marathon training is intense and pretty much everyone I know who has trained for one deals with some kind of injury along the way. If you want to be able to run for a long time the smart thing to do is take a break and let your legs heal. You'll get your marathon someday, I have no doubt in my mind : ) Just the fact that you want to work towards that goal makes you pretty awesome in my book!


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