Tuesday, October 25

just call me hugh

I always get super cold in the morning and at night. So... I found the perfect solution! A robe on clearance at Target. It's super comfy and the perfect fit.

I came home and put it on tonight... and ...
Dev told me I looked like Hugh Hefner.

mmm... thanks buddy...

Sunday, October 23

guns and ammo

Yesterday we went to a 5 hour class to get our concealed weapons permits- because we're super hard core.. but it was the LONGEST CLASS EVER! it basically was a room full of hunters/rednecks telling stories about guns.

check out our awesome instructor! perfect stance

Luckily i filled my purse with goodies to keep my occupied. sour patch... skittles...crackers... PB... and apples. I was super stealth when pulling out my jar of peanut butter and dipping my apples in it.

After our class, we went to the BYU game. It was against Idaho State and a total blow out, so we were able to sit on the second row. Boo yah!

See Riley Nelson? (#13) Devin was embarrassed because I yelled to Riley to smile for the picture. it didn't work, as you can see.

After the game, we drove the Alpine Loop to see the gorgeous Fall-ness of the mountains. We ended up at Cabellas (good wife right here) and looked at guns. I think i had a weapon overload yesterday.

Devin found the perfect winter coat! 5XL.

We finished up the night by going to Olive Garden... the grocery store (where everyone in provo is on a saturday night)... and then watching a movie- that had tons of guns and manly-ness in it.

Thursday, October 20

first day of fall break

One of the perks of being a teacher is that I get a Fall Break! Yippee!!

Today was perfect. Every perfect day should consist of this...

1. sleeping in til 10:30
2. going to the gym
3. going tanning
4. 23 mile bike ride up provo canyon with devin
5. stopping to take pictures of the gorgeous leaves and fall colors
6. stopping at cafe rio on the way home
7. nap time!
8. temple night
9. ice cream (this part hasn't happened yet... but it certainly will be happening)

Aww i love days like these!

p.s. my greatest discovery of my life happened today: I realized that by raising the seat on my bike 1/2 inch, i am able to go super fast and my legs don't get as tired. Wow i'm glad i finally figured that out. I was getting wayyyy discouraged about not being able to keep up with devin. now i am super speedy!

Tuesday, October 18

pile on the miles

One of my favorite bloggers is having a fitness challenge for november. Here is the idea:

"The Goal of the “Pile on the Miles” Challenge is to encourage us to pile on miles instead of pounds in November. We’ll do this by having everyone keep track of the number of miles they walk OR run each week. If you do at least 5 miles each week you’ll be entered in a drawing every Friday of the challenge. I will announce the winners every Friday by 3pm PST."

Go to runeatrepeat.com to sign up!

Wish me luck! and let me know if you are going to do it!

Monday, October 17

b-day, martha stewart, oly, and a pc weekend

So I guess this blog has turned into a once-a-week sort of deal... I'm sad about it, but school just keeps me way too busy. .. and exhausted.

This weekend was amazing though! But let me start off with a shout out to my beautiful mom. It was her birthday last week! We had a lot of fun celebrating- first with a birthday party at grandma's and then a cozy dinner by the fire at Sundance. (see pictures by clicking: here)

This is a picture from our Saturday night dinner at Market Street after we took some lovely family photos.

The following pictures are in a weird order because A. I'm in a hurry to go to bed. and B. I don't know how to put pictures in the order that I want them.

Friday night we spent the night up in Park City. It was the perfect weather and the trees are GORGEOUS this time of year. We had a fun, relaxing weekend up there.

Here is a picture of Mt. Olympus. I love those red leaves.

This is the view from the cabin, where we stayed. I seriously could sit there forever!

We took a walk Saturday afternoon around a beautiful pond.

My handsome hubby.

We had breakfast on main street. Delicious! and perfect weather to sit outside.

Saturday morning we worked out in my all-time favorite gym!

Dev "worked out" while watching college game day.

Friday night (sorry the pictures are in reverse order) we went to the Skyline vs. Olympus game. (this is high school we're talking about and it's a pretty intense rivalry.) It was so fun to see my high school beat Devin's high school. BOO YAH!! He was a little upset... and i felt bad for a second but after a few minutes we realized it was just high school and decided to put our differences aside. Devin is such a good husband that he sat in the Olympus cheering section.

Me and my cute neighbor, Abigail. She goes to my alma mater: Olympus Junior High.-go bulldogs!

And here is a random photo of my classroom. Like our little halloween decorations? Thank you martha stewart! for really confusing directions and a long, stressful day

Saturday, October 8

cougars roooooaaaaarrrr

This morning we got up bright and early to help out at the BYU homecoming pancake breakfast. It was right along the parade route and so all of the spectators got free blue pancakes from us.

Alex and Dev pose by our sign.

The NASTY looking pancake batter...

so happy to be up early on a saturday morning in the 30 degree weather.

my byusa shirt that they made me return. i was SO mad! the least they could do is to give me a shirt.

somehow brad, a devout utah fan, found himself flipping BLUE pancakes this morning in provo. A Daily Universe reporter came around looking to interview volunteers. Everyone pointed to Brad and said "interview HIM! he is an avid cougar fan." She proceeded to interview him for the newspaper about being a byu student, byu fan, etc. Can't wait to see the article in the paper.

our giant pancake... so nasty. But surprisingly we had a solid flow of people for 3 1/2 hours.

Nap time on our new cozy rug. (Thanks shannon)

Well! off to freeze our cougar tails off at the 8 pm football game! Go cougars and homecoming week!! roooaaaarrrr!

Thursday, October 6

byu and dressing like a g-ma

i loveeee me a good byu football game. The one last weekend against utah state was awesomely intense. Here are some pictures (compliments to Bob for his wonderful photography skills!)

The pictures are in reverse chronological order... i guess i'm still trying to figure out the whole blogging thing.
Rushing the field...

riley nielson... aka byu's new starting quarter back... hopefully...

our b.f.f. Alex/godfather of our future children

Mommy and daddy have awesome seats.

and bob has luxurious hair! almost as luxurious as riley nelson's mane.

student section

don't mind the awkward faculty bathroom photo- but your opinions are needed: yesterday a student told me I looked like her grandma.... should i be offended and feel old? or just assume her grandma is SUPER stylish :) quite the dilemma.