Saturday, October 8

cougars roooooaaaaarrrr

This morning we got up bright and early to help out at the BYU homecoming pancake breakfast. It was right along the parade route and so all of the spectators got free blue pancakes from us.

Alex and Dev pose by our sign.

The NASTY looking pancake batter...

so happy to be up early on a saturday morning in the 30 degree weather.

my byusa shirt that they made me return. i was SO mad! the least they could do is to give me a shirt.

somehow brad, a devout utah fan, found himself flipping BLUE pancakes this morning in provo. A Daily Universe reporter came around looking to interview volunteers. Everyone pointed to Brad and said "interview HIM! he is an avid cougar fan." She proceeded to interview him for the newspaper about being a byu student, byu fan, etc. Can't wait to see the article in the paper.

our giant pancake... so nasty. But surprisingly we had a solid flow of people for 3 1/2 hours.

Nap time on our new cozy rug. (Thanks shannon)

Well! off to freeze our cougar tails off at the 8 pm football game! Go cougars and homecoming week!! roooaaaarrrr!

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  1. Um, yes that pancake batter looks nasty! Also totally lame they made you give back that shirt!! You look super cute in it!


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