Thursday, October 20

first day of fall break

One of the perks of being a teacher is that I get a Fall Break! Yippee!!

Today was perfect. Every perfect day should consist of this...

1. sleeping in til 10:30
2. going to the gym
3. going tanning
4. 23 mile bike ride up provo canyon with devin
5. stopping to take pictures of the gorgeous leaves and fall colors
6. stopping at cafe rio on the way home
7. nap time!
8. temple night
9. ice cream (this part hasn't happened yet... but it certainly will be happening)

Aww i love days like these!

p.s. my greatest discovery of my life happened today: I realized that by raising the seat on my bike 1/2 inch, i am able to go super fast and my legs don't get as tired. Wow i'm glad i finally figured that out. I was getting wayyyy discouraged about not being able to keep up with devin. now i am super speedy!

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  1. All the best days end with ice cream : ) Glad you're enjoying your break!


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