Sunday, October 23

guns and ammo

Yesterday we went to a 5 hour class to get our concealed weapons permits- because we're super hard core.. but it was the LONGEST CLASS EVER! it basically was a room full of hunters/rednecks telling stories about guns.

check out our awesome instructor! perfect stance

Luckily i filled my purse with goodies to keep my occupied. sour patch... skittles...crackers... PB... and apples. I was super stealth when pulling out my jar of peanut butter and dipping my apples in it.

After our class, we went to the BYU game. It was against Idaho State and a total blow out, so we were able to sit on the second row. Boo yah!

See Riley Nelson? (#13) Devin was embarrassed because I yelled to Riley to smile for the picture. it didn't work, as you can see.

After the game, we drove the Alpine Loop to see the gorgeous Fall-ness of the mountains. We ended up at Cabellas (good wife right here) and looked at guns. I think i had a weapon overload yesterday.

Devin found the perfect winter coat! 5XL.

We finished up the night by going to Olive Garden... the grocery store (where everyone in provo is on a saturday night)... and then watching a movie- that had tons of guns and manly-ness in it.

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  1. hahahahah sounds like an awesome day!!!!! I cant stop laughing at Devin in that coat!


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