Tuesday, October 4

this week's awesomeness

Here's a random picture from the weekend. More to come...

  • Today I taught piano after school. I left asking myself, "Why don't I quit teaching elementary school and teach piano full time????" I LOVE being able to teach a child one on one. ... instead of 34 on one....
  • Tomorrow I am taking the entire 5th grade (90 students) to BYU to perform 5 songs that we threw together in 2 weeks. I'm exhausted and a little bit nervous. But today they sounded amazing and I even got chills when they sang all together!

  • This morning my alarm went off at 5:15. I sat there all warm and wrapped up in my blankie and thought- mmmm get up in the cold dark world and work out? or sleep til the last possible second and get ready super fast.... i chose the last one. and it felt dang good!
  • I got some halloween decorations finished! i usually never make decorations, but thanks to pinterest, i was inspired!

  • There was a bee in my classroom all morning and all of the kids were freaking out about it and so i had to be the brave one and tell them to ignore it. (and then i secretly went and told a kid that it was his job to keep an eye on it and warn me if it made any advances at my face.)
  • i love rainy days
  • byu homecoming this week! so that includes... homecoming spectacular...byu tailgate by mama michelle... and byu football game. once upon a time i was on a bus advertisement for homecoming spectacular. my claim to fame :)

  • peaches are perfect right now. I suggest you purchase some.

  • This is the beginning of week 3 of no treats. boo yah!!

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  1. Pinterest is so amazing isn't it? I wish I had more time to get on there, I could seriously pin for hours! Your decorations look super cute!

    That's neat that you're kids are singing at BYU. You should video it and post it! I'd love to hear their songs!


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