Tuesday, November 22

thankful for...

I am grateful for my family. and being able to be crazy around them and knowing that they will still love me :)

They are the best.

Saturday, November 19

thankful for...

I am thankful for...


I will post pictures tomorrow. But I went to my bro-in-law's piano/voice recital tonight and it was amazing. I loved watching all of the performers. Music makes me happy- especially piano.

More pictures tomorrow- and a video of his awesome teacher performing!

thankful for...

This is my "thankful" post for Friday. Technically it is not friday anymore, but it still counts right?..

I'm grateful for ...

Devin-- because we get along wonderfully! We compromised tonight and decided that if we went to the movie "Breaking Dawn", then I would have to go to the gun show with him tomorrow. Fair trade right? (too bad the movie was HORRIBLE!!)

He is the best husband in the world and he makes me so happy. I love you devin!

Thursday, November 17

1 week until Thanksgiving

One week until Thanksgiving! I am really excited to have a few days off of work to sleep, eat, and work out. I love the holiday season.

From today until Thanksgiving I'm going to post what I am grateful for each day.

Number one...

I'm grateful for my job. (did i just say that?) Yes, it is exhausting and takes a TON of time, but I really do love it. I love my relationship with my students and how much they look up to me. I love that the little girls copy what I wear and how I do my hair and make sure that I notice. I love that they always draw pictures for me and write me notes. I love that they tell me all their little stories and jokes and what they are doing after school and what their favorite things are. I love when I'm accidentally called "mom". I didn't think it was possible to love 200 students.

We had talent show try outs this week and a 6th grade girl's talent was to draw a picture... of me. Looks just like me, right?

and here's a note I found on my desk.

I also am grateful for running. Today after school I had a burst of energy during my workout and was running at a 7:00-7:30 minute my pace. It was awesome! I felt super speedy.

Tuesday, November 15

Denver, we love you

Devin and I LOVED Denver. It's a really nice, clean city and we loved how much there was to see and do.

This is one of the streets downtown that had pretty lights strung above the street and cool cafe's and little shops.

Behind us is the Denver Museum of Art. It was really cool inside and we had fun seeing all of the art work. We were basically the only people there though. I guess no one goes to the museum on Sunday mornings.

This is the library downtown. It's pretty groovy.

This is one of the exhibits in the museum. It's called "Fox Game". It's way cool and you should look at a better picture by clicking HERE

This is after Devin's interview--the second he got in the car. Pure happiness! His interviews went well and he had a blast touring the medical buildings. It's a really nice medical school and is one of our top choices!

art museum, downtown Denver.

The hotel work out room! Not too shabby. I got a little bored though, because I didn't have any opportunities to people watch like I do at Gold's Gym.

The lobby of our hotel. We had the best room number ever: 800

Sunday afternoon we got hot chocolate at corner bakery. .. and Devin fell asleep on the bench. Poor guy. So tired.

pretty scenery on the way to the airport.

Basically I am a big fan of Denver and I would be totally fine living there! I was really proud of myself for driving around all day saturday and not getting lost. I found all of the malls I wanted to! It's a gorgeous city and we loved driving around at night and exploring. There is a lot to do there and we decided it is one of America's best kept secret cities.

Denver, hope to see you soon!!

Saturday, November 12


Here we are in Denver!! (we get free wi fi!)

Last night we flew out of Salt Lake City on a plane that was basically empty! We got about 6 rows to ourselves. I totally recommend flying on Frontier because they give you a warm chocolate chip cookie during the flight :)

We miraculously made it to our hotel after having our first real argument since being married. We were lost for quite some time. But don't worry :) our marriage is still in tact and we made it to the hotel for a good night's sleep!

I dropped Devin off at his interview at the medical school here in Denver. We already love the medical school because it is new and GORGEOUS! It is in a pretty nice area too! The Children's Hospital looks amazing! It's number 5 in the nation!

After dropping Devin off I found my way back to the hotel (which I'm really proud of). See, I've never driven in another state where i'm not familiar with the area and so this is an adventure for me. I was really proud of myself that I found my way back (with the help of my iphone of course)

This is our view of Denver from our hotel room. I'm loving the hotel! We are staying at the holiday inn and it is super sweet! The inside is way nice and there is a "Sleep Number Bed" in our room! They also gave Devin a free razor and shaving cream. I also thought the gym was pretty nice even though I felt tired and slow and could only bust out 4 miles.

Devin on our empty flight last night.

Well, I'm 0ff to go explore Denver!! and to find the Cherry Creek Mall!

Monday, November 7

brr i'm cold

This picture sums up my life. Always cold and wearing my winter coat- even while at the gym.
This weekend I slept the majority of the time and got over a cold pretty quick. Boo ya! I have come to realize that I will just have a cold every couple of weeks while working in an elementary school. Here's to germ covered children!

My sister finally switched over to Gold's Gym (instead of 24 hour fitness). Gym buddies for life!

This weekend was all sorts of relaxing. We made muffins and hot cocoa and watched football and the NY marathon. And I tracked some of my favorite bloggers while they ran it. (hungryrunnergirl and skinnyrunner ran it in 3:36!) One day I will meet up with awesome bloggers and run cool marathons like that.

And we made a trip to Costco. Devin found a new toy. (I'm happy i married someone who isn't embarrassed to pose like this in front of tons and tons of Costco shoppers.)

And this picture just makes him that much cooler.

Friday, November 4

a nice note

I have been struggling since the beginning of school with one of my 6th grade classes. They are just really mean. I have probably cried after 90% of the time I have had to teach them. But today I actually enjoyed teaching them. It's a miracle!

After school, I found this note on my desk.

"Dear Mrs. Riggs. I'm sorry about my class. I heard you were stressing. I stress too. Please don't cry. I think this class may get better. I am so happy you came to brookside. :) thank you."

So sweet.

(now i just wanna know who told them they make me cry...)

Thursday, November 3

the reddest good luck post ever

yeah... "reddest isn't a word"

Devin has his first med school interview tomorrow at the University of Utah. I'm so excited for him and I know he will do an amazing job!

Today after school i came home with some Utah shirts and with the Utah fight song blasting from my iphone.. I marched around the room and gave devin his own utah shirt. Yeah, i know. i'm crazy! i totally dislike the U. But I wanted him to get all pumped up and have good Utah vibes!! I know that he will for sure rock his interview tomorrow now that we are utah fans.

I finally got him to wear his shirt for about 30 seconds.. and then he took it off. I could tell he was shocked that I brought red into our house..

His reaction to my antics:

ash and brad came over and brought good luck chocolate chip cookies :) and brad rolled up in our rug--burrito style... totally normal.



Right as the morning bell rang for school to begin, the power went out... For about 2 1/2 hours. I was really excited at first and thought it was way fun, until I realized that most teachers have windows in their classroom, but I don't have any- and on top of that, I had to figure out what we were going to do. The stuff I had planned required seeing...imagine that. The kids went from working on their morning work to incredibly hyper and crazy! Combine that with their halloween candy and they were off the walls for hours! I also couldn't see them, so I couldn't yell to "so and so" to be quiet.

But we got through it :)

Tuesday, November 1

halloween craziness

I wish I could get into the habit of blogging more than once per week.. but I guess I will just do a super long post with tons and tons of pictures. hope you enjoy! (i will be offended if you don't look at every single picture and read each and every caption.)

Friday night I made my first batch of chili. Boo yah! I think it was a success. Devin loves chili-and i hate it. so I ate lots of corn bread :)

After eating chili and watching BYU lose to TCU, we went to watch devin's intramural team lose at flag football. It was cold but it's always a blast chatting with the wives club.

Saturday morning we got to sleep in a bit and then run a Halloween 5k that didn't start til 10 am! Can you believe it has already been one year since I ran my first 1/2 marathon? I wore my shirt in remembrance.

What a trooper! I have the best husband in the world.

We weren't really in the mood to run in a costume. But lots of other people did. Notice the chinese dragon or whatever it is. (We beat them by the way)

The rest of the day was spent running errands and putting together our halloween costumes. Dev got a little tired from running and wasn't too happy to sit in the craft store line for over an hour. Here's to costume procrastination!

Saturday night we had a few parties to hit up. Here are the Taylor's at our ward party. I LOVED their costumes. Totally legit.

on a random note: this leaf has been stuck to the back of my car for WEEKS! It has gone miles and miles, up to salt lake and back, and back and forth from springville. What a champ! and it's gigantic!

I was a cave woman and devin was a gorilla. He surprised me and my class yesterday by coming in dressed like this and jumping on the desks. so hilarious!

We went up to SLC last night to see our families and Devin's little sis all dressed up. She was rapunzel!

and she loves her candy so much that she likes to lay in it. Worst thing she got from trick or treating? a potato. Eww. who does that?

Phew! last picture!
It snowed today! Craziness!!

Happy November!!!