Thursday, November 17

1 week until Thanksgiving

One week until Thanksgiving! I am really excited to have a few days off of work to sleep, eat, and work out. I love the holiday season.

From today until Thanksgiving I'm going to post what I am grateful for each day.

Number one...

I'm grateful for my job. (did i just say that?) Yes, it is exhausting and takes a TON of time, but I really do love it. I love my relationship with my students and how much they look up to me. I love that the little girls copy what I wear and how I do my hair and make sure that I notice. I love that they always draw pictures for me and write me notes. I love that they tell me all their little stories and jokes and what they are doing after school and what their favorite things are. I love when I'm accidentally called "mom". I didn't think it was possible to love 200 students.

We had talent show try outs this week and a 6th grade girl's talent was to draw a picture... of me. Looks just like me, right?

and here's a note I found on my desk.

I also am grateful for running. Today after school I had a burst of energy during my workout and was running at a 7:00-7:30 minute my pace. It was awesome! I felt super speedy.

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