Monday, November 7

brr i'm cold

This picture sums up my life. Always cold and wearing my winter coat- even while at the gym.
This weekend I slept the majority of the time and got over a cold pretty quick. Boo ya! I have come to realize that I will just have a cold every couple of weeks while working in an elementary school. Here's to germ covered children!

My sister finally switched over to Gold's Gym (instead of 24 hour fitness). Gym buddies for life!

This weekend was all sorts of relaxing. We made muffins and hot cocoa and watched football and the NY marathon. And I tracked some of my favorite bloggers while they ran it. (hungryrunnergirl and skinnyrunner ran it in 3:36!) One day I will meet up with awesome bloggers and run cool marathons like that.

And we made a trip to Costco. Devin found a new toy. (I'm happy i married someone who isn't embarrassed to pose like this in front of tons and tons of Costco shoppers.)

And this picture just makes him that much cooler.

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