Tuesday, November 15

Denver, we love you

Devin and I LOVED Denver. It's a really nice, clean city and we loved how much there was to see and do.

This is one of the streets downtown that had pretty lights strung above the street and cool cafe's and little shops.

Behind us is the Denver Museum of Art. It was really cool inside and we had fun seeing all of the art work. We were basically the only people there though. I guess no one goes to the museum on Sunday mornings.

This is the library downtown. It's pretty groovy.

This is one of the exhibits in the museum. It's called "Fox Game". It's way cool and you should look at a better picture by clicking HERE

This is after Devin's interview--the second he got in the car. Pure happiness! His interviews went well and he had a blast touring the medical buildings. It's a really nice medical school and is one of our top choices!

art museum, downtown Denver.

The hotel work out room! Not too shabby. I got a little bored though, because I didn't have any opportunities to people watch like I do at Gold's Gym.

The lobby of our hotel. We had the best room number ever: 800

Sunday afternoon we got hot chocolate at corner bakery. .. and Devin fell asleep on the bench. Poor guy. So tired.

pretty scenery on the way to the airport.

Basically I am a big fan of Denver and I would be totally fine living there! I was really proud of myself for driving around all day saturday and not getting lost. I found all of the malls I wanted to! It's a gorgeous city and we loved driving around at night and exploring. There is a lot to do there and we decided it is one of America's best kept secret cities.

Denver, hope to see you soon!!

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