Saturday, November 12


Here we are in Denver!! (we get free wi fi!)

Last night we flew out of Salt Lake City on a plane that was basically empty! We got about 6 rows to ourselves. I totally recommend flying on Frontier because they give you a warm chocolate chip cookie during the flight :)

We miraculously made it to our hotel after having our first real argument since being married. We were lost for quite some time. But don't worry :) our marriage is still in tact and we made it to the hotel for a good night's sleep!

I dropped Devin off at his interview at the medical school here in Denver. We already love the medical school because it is new and GORGEOUS! It is in a pretty nice area too! The Children's Hospital looks amazing! It's number 5 in the nation!

After dropping Devin off I found my way back to the hotel (which I'm really proud of). See, I've never driven in another state where i'm not familiar with the area and so this is an adventure for me. I was really proud of myself that I found my way back (with the help of my iphone of course)

This is our view of Denver from our hotel room. I'm loving the hotel! We are staying at the holiday inn and it is super sweet! The inside is way nice and there is a "Sleep Number Bed" in our room! They also gave Devin a free razor and shaving cream. I also thought the gym was pretty nice even though I felt tired and slow and could only bust out 4 miles.

Devin on our empty flight last night.

Well, I'm 0ff to go explore Denver!! and to find the Cherry Creek Mall!

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  1. What?! A warm cookie on your flight?! I'm so flying frontier from now on! ; )

    That's exciting that you guys are interviewing in Denver. We'd love to live out there, so beautiful!


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