Tuesday, November 1

halloween craziness

I wish I could get into the habit of blogging more than once per week.. but I guess I will just do a super long post with tons and tons of pictures. hope you enjoy! (i will be offended if you don't look at every single picture and read each and every caption.)

Friday night I made my first batch of chili. Boo yah! I think it was a success. Devin loves chili-and i hate it. so I ate lots of corn bread :)

After eating chili and watching BYU lose to TCU, we went to watch devin's intramural team lose at flag football. It was cold but it's always a blast chatting with the wives club.

Saturday morning we got to sleep in a bit and then run a Halloween 5k that didn't start til 10 am! Can you believe it has already been one year since I ran my first 1/2 marathon? I wore my shirt in remembrance.

What a trooper! I have the best husband in the world.

We weren't really in the mood to run in a costume. But lots of other people did. Notice the chinese dragon or whatever it is. (We beat them by the way)

The rest of the day was spent running errands and putting together our halloween costumes. Dev got a little tired from running and wasn't too happy to sit in the craft store line for over an hour. Here's to costume procrastination!

Saturday night we had a few parties to hit up. Here are the Taylor's at our ward party. I LOVED their costumes. Totally legit.

on a random note: this leaf has been stuck to the back of my car for WEEKS! It has gone miles and miles, up to salt lake and back, and back and forth from springville. What a champ! and it's gigantic!

I was a cave woman and devin was a gorilla. He surprised me and my class yesterday by coming in dressed like this and jumping on the desks. so hilarious!

We went up to SLC last night to see our families and Devin's little sis all dressed up. She was rapunzel!

and she loves her candy so much that she likes to lay in it. Worst thing she got from trick or treating? a potato. Eww. who does that?

Phew! last picture!
It snowed today! Craziness!!

Happy November!!!

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