Thursday, November 3

the reddest good luck post ever

yeah... "reddest isn't a word"

Devin has his first med school interview tomorrow at the University of Utah. I'm so excited for him and I know he will do an amazing job!

Today after school i came home with some Utah shirts and with the Utah fight song blasting from my iphone.. I marched around the room and gave devin his own utah shirt. Yeah, i know. i'm crazy! i totally dislike the U. But I wanted him to get all pumped up and have good Utah vibes!! I know that he will for sure rock his interview tomorrow now that we are utah fans.

I finally got him to wear his shirt for about 30 seconds.. and then he took it off. I could tell he was shocked that I brought red into our house..

His reaction to my antics:

ash and brad came over and brought good luck chocolate chip cookies :) and brad rolled up in our rug--burrito style... totally normal.


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