Wednesday, December 21

a few more seattle pics

My christmas break started 5 1/2 hours ago. I'm in heaven! We went to Cafe Rio as soon as I got out of school and then to the mall to do some christmas shopping. Then we came home and i have been cleaning for the last 2 hours. It's the best!

Here is a continuation of the seattle trip over the weekend!

Waiting for the bride and groom to come out of the temple! Notice how it is seattle... that just doesn't happen in december. or any other time of the year for that matter.

got a little picture crazy.

i don't know why we didn't pursue our modeling careers...


this is us and the groom at the bowling/wedding dinner the night before. so happy for him.

Next up!! In case you were dying to see my cute little choir children and my 5th and 6th grade students perform christmas songs, the wait is almost over. Prepare to be amazed.

Sunday, December 18

Another weekend away. The Seattle Edition

This weekend was a full speed sequence of events! Thursday night we went to my parents for "Christmas". Ashley and Brad will be going to Maryland for the real christmas and so we got to open presents early :)
**note: i only took a few pictures during the weekend. I'm planning on putting up the pictures that my sister took asap.

Friday morning we had a 7 a.m. flight to Seattle. We BARELY made it. The airport was soooo crowded with college students flying home for christmas. My family checked their baggage for about 20 minutes while Dev and I went to security to save a place in line. The line for our terminal was about an hour wait and our flight was about to leave in 15 minutes. Not good. So we ran to the other terminal where the line was about 10 minutes long. Right as dev and I were giving the security guy our tickets, my family came running and hopped in line with us. (the security guy was an angry little elf.) Then, we sprinted back to the other terminal and got to our gate at the last second. I have never been so stressed at 6 in the morning!

So we finally made it to Seattle for my cousin's wedding. I am sooo happy for him. He found such a cute girl and they are perfect for each other!

Friday night we went to the "rehearsal dinner" which was bowling at "Lucky Strike". It was such a cool idea. This wasn't just any bowling alley- this was a very classy, expensive bowling alley. Apparently there is one in Hollywood where the celebs go. ooohh la la!

There is a private room that they rented out and we had 4 lanes, yummy food, a bar, and a huge screen showing espn. Way fun! The mojitos were to die for.

Saturday morning was the best! I got up and ran 3 miles on the treadmill. Then, I went with my dad to run 5 miles on a pretty trail that goes along a river right by our hotel. It was the perfect weather and the air was SO easy to breathe. None of this dry utah air. Plus we were running at sea level. I was in HEAVEN. I felt so good the whole 8 miles and really enjoyed chatting with my dad about all the stuff that runners talk about :)
Here's my dad with some ducks.

And here I am in my new running clothes! These running pants are my new best friend. (thanks Bob for the awesome christmas present! )

Saturday afternoon cousin Adam got married! It was so fun to go to the temple and be there with everyone. Luckily Ashley was able to get a hold of her bishop after forgetting to bring her temple recommend at the hotel. I guess the constant reminders I gave about not forgetting didn't get through to her ;)

Devin and I in front of the seattle temple. Dev gave me ray bans for christmas. Check those babies out! I'm happy to say I'm a true Rigg now.

the happy couple! i love them!

and this is today. Dev was a bit tired from the festivities and took a nap with Lolly the dog.

Next up! Mitt Romney (aka blaine) busts a move on the dance floor. (my dad loves it when random strangers tell him he looks like mitt romney. Hopefully Mitt becomes president so that my dad has some gigs on the weekends.)

Monday, December 12


This weekend we went to Vegas to hang out with Devin's dad. It was so much fun and we managed to pack a lot into one weekend. Two cirque du soleil shows, lots of eating at yummy restaurants, running, and shopping! The perfect vegas weekend.

I LOVED the hotel. We stayed at the Mandarin Oriental and it was gorgeous! This is the view from the lobby.

One of my favorite things was that the hotel maid organized every little thing we owned. Usually this would creep me out, but she organized Devin's bio-chem homework and it was so hilarious.

We went on the New York New York roller coaster. SO FUN! We got off and looked at the pictures they took during the ride. We saw this gem and I could not stop laughing at Devin's face for like 10 minutes. So we had to go back and buy it.

View from our room.

This is a room where people place bets on sports events. And that is the extent of my gambling knowledge.

This is lunch at Caesar's Palace.


On our way to the roller coaster. Last time i rode this sucker was in junior high with my bff's stefi, L, and Jane.

We went to the Michael Jackson Immortal show. It was pretty sweet!

Christmas tree at the Four Seasons Hotel. They had the yummiest breakfast buffet I have ever eaten.

Four seasons.

A cute little christmas show at one of the malls. See santa behind us?

Thanks Bob for a fun trip!! It was a great break and fun to get out of town!

Sunday, December 11

vegas baby!

Weekend in Vegas!! more photos/blog post to come very soon!

Tuesday, December 6

KRAZY kids + beginnings of christmas

Kids are CRAZY! i love their weird ideas when we do art projects. This week I told them to make a snow man. They needed to be creative and they could use any supplies/colors they wanted.
Here are a few of my favorites...

Satan in snowman form??

hairy snowman...eww

and a snowman with armpit hair...

It probably would make more sense if I told you that these were made by my 6th graders.

Last night we finally got our christmas tree!... from Rick's trees of course. We brought our friends from our ward along with us. They are great!

Devin and I with our tree. It spoke to us and we just knew that it was the perfect tree for us ;)

Our friends with Rick aka the tree guy/a relative of mine.

When we arrived in Provo, Kelsey and I saw the Krispy Kreme sign and we were automatically craving a warm yummy donut. So we got the boys to pull over and we were immediately in heaven. These donut making machines are captivating! I could stare through the glass forever!!

Just had to show what kinds we got. and boy were they amazing!! (Kind of funny that it's next to my book, "Born to Run."--by the way: thanks Becca for talking about this book on your blog. Love it!)

Our little tree :)

And the wreath that I made.- had to throw that in here to. Thanks pinterest

after we (I) decorated :)

Merry Christmas!