Tuesday, December 6

KRAZY kids + beginnings of christmas

Kids are CRAZY! i love their weird ideas when we do art projects. This week I told them to make a snow man. They needed to be creative and they could use any supplies/colors they wanted.
Here are a few of my favorites...

Satan in snowman form??

hairy snowman...eww

and a snowman with armpit hair...

It probably would make more sense if I told you that these were made by my 6th graders.

Last night we finally got our christmas tree!... from Rick's trees of course. We brought our friends from our ward along with us. They are great!

Devin and I with our tree. It spoke to us and we just knew that it was the perfect tree for us ;)

Our friends with Rick aka the tree guy/a relative of mine.

When we arrived in Provo, Kelsey and I saw the Krispy Kreme sign and we were automatically craving a warm yummy donut. So we got the boys to pull over and we were immediately in heaven. These donut making machines are captivating! I could stare through the glass forever!!

Just had to show what kinds we got. and boy were they amazing!! (Kind of funny that it's next to my book, "Born to Run."--by the way: thanks Becca for talking about this book on your blog. Love it!)

Our little tree :)

And the wreath that I made.- had to throw that in here to. Thanks pinterest

after we (I) decorated :)

Merry Christmas!

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  1. Haha! Armpit hair snowman is hilarious! Gotta love 6th graders ; )

    SO excited you're reading Born to Run! I hope you love it as much as I did! And yeah, I can never resist Krispy Kreme when the hot light is on. We lived 5 minutes from one when I was pregnant with Teya and it was not good! haha!


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