Sunday, December 4

Santa 5k Race Recap

Yesterday I got up and ran 4.3 miles at the gym and then ate lots of yummy cookie dough! ( i was making cookies for the ward party) It's THE PERFECT way to prepare for a 4:30 pm 5k right?? I should be a personal trainer and teach everyone my awesome ideas.

So, let's talk about the race.

Each year provo does this fun Santa run. They even give you a free santa suit!! (did i say free? the race was $35 so it definitely wasn't free)

Best part of the race?? The aid stations were milk and cookies! I have to admit that all I took at the aid stations was water.. I didn't want to puke all over my santa suit. But awesome idea!

Our friend, jon, ran with us too! Luckily we found him at the beginning- even though we were dressed the same as hundreds of people.

are you surprised I took pictures with my own camera and didn't steal these from someone else??

Ok so maybe the pictures for the rest of this post are from my sister aka personal photographer. I can't help that I have so many AWESOME personal photographers around me.

Ashley came to watch! along with our other friends, Dan and Jess.

Us crossing the finish line:

another awesome pic -jon, dev, and me.

I have been having so much fun doing these random holiday 5k's that we sign up for at the last minute. I also have decided that during these winter runs I just need to relax and not focus on getting a good time. I LOVED this race because I stuck with Dev and Jon the whole time and we just relaxed, talked, stopped and had water, and just enjoyed ourselves. Running fast is out the question for me right now because the cold air HURTS sooooo bad. Maybe it's because I train in a 72 degree gym...

Wow that was a lot of red in one post. You'd think i was a Utah fan or somethin.


  1. You guys are so cute. Your family tradition is to be healthy and run. We just like to eat holiday foods..

  2. Oh my gosh those Santa suits are AWESOME!! I want to do a Santa run!! milk and cookies at the aid stations? heck yeah!! I love 5K's like that where you just take it easy and don't kill yourself. It's still a great workout but so fun when you're not stressing about time!


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