Thursday, December 1

Thanksgiving part 1

well it has been a while since I have blogged. I have been a little overwhelmed with the amount of pictures I have from thanksgiving. and this week has been CRAZY busy. But here we go...

Luckily Devin's dad came up for T-giving and so we got lots and lots of pictures.

I'm starting with T-giving morning. We ran a 5k and it was tons of fun! (even though it was my worst 5k ever... lots of hills... cold weather that hurt my lungs... and i started out too fast....and i just have to complain that they didn't have water at the finish line. It was my first time running a race with my ipod though! and I loved it. It really pumped me up. It also was a good experience to remind me that I need to pace myself better. I started off at about 7:00 minute mile pace and died when I got to the first hill. I just got so excited and took off super fast. But in the end it made my time not so great.) Anyway...I still had a lot of fun being with devin, my dad, ash, and bob.

Getting ready to go!

Bob and Devin.

At the race, warming up in the gym before going outside in the cold.

about to take off!

a great action shot! thanks Bob!

I love having a personal photographer ;)

Devin finishing strong!

We all made it!

and a delicious breakfast after @ einstein's!

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  1. Awesome job on your 5K! We've done a turkey trot for the last 3 years on Thanksgiving and it's the best way to start the day!


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