Friday, December 2

Thanksgiving part 2- FOOTBALL +PIE

I forgot to talk about the CRAZY marie calendar's line on Wednesday evening when we went to pick up pies for Devin's cousin. It was insane and they were even running out of pies! Luckily, we got to be in the "prepaid line" which happened to be shorter. Boo yah!

After the 5k on Thursday morning, the boys went to play football. It was the Sorensen boys vs. the Anderson/Scott/White/Rigg mix.

The girls left early to make turkeys out of cookies and candy corns. It's an anderson tradition :) We were happy to have Hallie and Abigail (she left early) join us this year.

back to some football action shots...

the anderson/scott/white team.

my football playing, 5k running hubby.

and then just some other cool kids.

props to ash for this set of pictures that i borrowed and will not be giving back. I just like to mooch off of people.

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