Monday, December 12


This weekend we went to Vegas to hang out with Devin's dad. It was so much fun and we managed to pack a lot into one weekend. Two cirque du soleil shows, lots of eating at yummy restaurants, running, and shopping! The perfect vegas weekend.

I LOVED the hotel. We stayed at the Mandarin Oriental and it was gorgeous! This is the view from the lobby.

One of my favorite things was that the hotel maid organized every little thing we owned. Usually this would creep me out, but she organized Devin's bio-chem homework and it was so hilarious.

We went on the New York New York roller coaster. SO FUN! We got off and looked at the pictures they took during the ride. We saw this gem and I could not stop laughing at Devin's face for like 10 minutes. So we had to go back and buy it.

View from our room.

This is a room where people place bets on sports events. And that is the extent of my gambling knowledge.

This is lunch at Caesar's Palace.


On our way to the roller coaster. Last time i rode this sucker was in junior high with my bff's stefi, L, and Jane.

We went to the Michael Jackson Immortal show. It was pretty sweet!

Christmas tree at the Four Seasons Hotel. They had the yummiest breakfast buffet I have ever eaten.

Four seasons.

A cute little christmas show at one of the malls. See santa behind us?

Thanks Bob for a fun trip!! It was a great break and fun to get out of town!


  1. haha remember how i like swore a ton during that roller coaster? so strange... but you hair looks SO long and pretty! go S!

  2. I'm so glad you went back and bought that picture of Devin on the roller coaster! HILAROUS!! What a fun weekend!


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