Tuesday, January 31

4 hours of awesomeness

Tonight we went to the Timpanogos Temple. It is one of my favorite temples. It's just so pretty.

Then we went to Cafe Rio. I just can't seem to get enough of this place.
yummy burrito.
and somehow we were gone for 4 hours... where does the day go?

Sunday, January 29

sister saturday and french toast muffins

Yesterday was a sister saturday. We went to park city to look for celebs.... It didn't really work out. But we had a lot of success with shopping!

On the way up to PC, we made a quick detour to The Store in Midway. Ash and I are former cashiers at this lovely little grocery store (but at the one in Holladay). 

Ash with her diet coke + pebble ice. YUMMY! and a cupcake.

Once we got to PC we went to main street and then decided to try our luck at the outlets. We found some awesome deals! I got a cute purple dress at J Crew for $15!! (originally $40) I'm so pleased :)

The whole day we had blue skies and sunshine. The sunset was gorgeous during our drive home! It was perfect!

P.S. Today i made THE best muffins ever! Thanks to pinterest. These are 
FRENCH TOAST MUFFINS. I made THREE batches because they were so good and I wanted to take them to people. Give it a try!

Saturday, January 28

race photo

**Sorry if my last post offended any croc owners... I have to admit i used to own some. So i feel like i can make fun of them.

anyway!... i got my race photos back. every single one looked similar to this one...

what was going through my head at this moment: "i'm so funny and awesome"

workout today: 3 nice, easy miles. + 30 minutes of turbo kick boxing!
i took the week off running and just did turbo videos. it was a great decision.

Friday, January 27

Thursday, January 26

concert+crockpot fail

Last night was AMAZING!!!

We had front row tickets....

at abravanel hall...

with these guys...


It was THE best!! I love it when I laugh for an hour straight!

Tonight I came home to another CROCKPOT FAIL! This was supposed to be chicken for hawaiian haystacks-- But it was totally shriveled up and burned when i got home. I wasn't too happy about going to the grocery store after a long day of work. But i got through it and luckily mom's bbq chicken recipe did the trick and dinner was a success!

Tuesday, January 24


After my half marathon on Saturday, we drove to vegas to meet up with Devin's dad. It was a fun, but quick, trip! We stayed at the Treasure Island hotel. and boy was it full of treasures!

Bob got scared in the night and came to sleep on our chair so that we could protect him. (...that's a joke)

Yummy gelato at the Venetian!

My first gambling experience was very successful! I put in a dollar and won a dollar. That's two whole dollars!... Don't worry though. Devin and Bob taught me that it's a slippery slope and that I need to be careful.

Luckily we talked him out of buying a J Bieb portrait.

Four Seasons Sunday Brunch. It has become a Vegas tradition.

Walking around.

After watching the Patriots win! Boo yah!! I totally called who would win and the score! Maybe I'll move to Vegas and become a gambling fool. Sounds like the life for me.

P.S. HAPPY 1 YEAR AND 7 MONTHS TO US! Still goin' strong!

Monday, January 23

st george half marathon

We had such a fun weekend! It started out with a quick drive to st. george... some cafe rio (the perfect pre race meal)...and a stop at the race expo.

Saturday morning we got up and it was pouring rain and pretty cold!
Despite that, it was a great race and I really enjoyed it. I felt good the whole time and didn't stop to walk AT ALL. It was crazy!

Here I am- pre race. I got a new mini pink fanny pack to hold some gu and my phone. Love that thing!

Getting ready to start!

Here I am about to cross the finish line. Devin ran the last couple of miles with me. What a good husband :) love him.

Hooray! I'm done! I finished in 2:05 despite the hills and rain.

At the finish line they had cupcakes. Really? cupcakes? i mean i love them, but how bout a bagel or a banana or somethin after running for 2 hours. Interesting choice...

Next up: VEGAS pics! and my first gambling experience!

Thursday, January 19

i love geo-caching. + st. george + the sun + 4 wheeling +lots of other things that 3 day weekends have!

Have you ever heard of geo caching??? it is basically the coolest thing ever! Just picture an awesome treasure hunt. Ash and Brad introduced us to it- (typical) Basically you go online and there is a whole list of geo caches all over the world! You are given the coordinates and you have to go and find it with a gps. It is basically a little container with random items/souvenirs that people leave and a little notebook to sign. We found some really fun caches in st. george that we had to four wheel/hike to get to. Awesome!

Here is brad and devin finding our FIRST geo cache.

This was when we found our 4th geo cache of the trip. I found this one first!! ... okay so maybe my dad was trying to be nice because i hadn't discovered one yet and so when he found it he said "ummm steph- come over here. I think this would be a good area to look in."

Brad's awesome gear.

Cute mom and dad.

party in the kitchen!

on sunday we went on a beautiful little hike to see some real petroglyphs!! so cool!

Shooting guns. I'm a proud owner of a concealed weapons permit. Now whenever i get pulled over, it shows up on my record. Watch out cops! i'm hard core! Oh and look at that form.

Devin on a cliff.

Hot tubbing.

more four wheeling.

the whole crew.

ahhh i love family trips!

now.. time to go pack my bags to go back to st. george/vegas!

Wish me luck on my half marathon! i'm a little nervous because i have this dang cold i can't get rid of. but hopefully i can run it under 2 hours. We shall see!

p.s. my sister has a hilarious blog. go here for more pics.

Wednesday, January 18

i'm alive! and a happy birthday!

Life is crazy busy right now! (i guess it is always busy). But I haven't gotten around to blogging since Christmas because of it. The next post will be pictures from our St George trip last weekend for MLK day. It was a blast! I loved spending time with my family and being outside ALL DAY. I have really missed the sunshine while being cooped up inside all day. (which is why I have chosen to go out for recess duty every single day this week instead of just once each week. Being outside just lifts my spirits).

This friday we are actually headed back down to st. george so that i can run THE ST GEORGE HALF MARATHON! Woot Woot! and then we are meeting Bob down in Vegas for the rest of the weekend. So many trips and vacations... and pictures to upload on my computer. What a life. Love it!

P.S. Last weekend was Devin's dad's birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOB!! WE LOVE YOU! and we can't wait to see ya in VEGAS!