Monday, January 2


Christmas break is coming to a close and I can't believe how fast it went. and to be honest, I'm pretty exhausted. Last night I slept for 14 hours straight. and then I took a nap this afternoon. I blame it on all of our december travels... vegas...seattle...salt lake...philadelphia...

Christmas day was different, and didn't completely feel like christmas. In the morning we opened presents at devin's and then went to church and to his grandparents.

In the evening we met my parents downtown where they were staying at the Grand America. We walked up to see the lights at temple square. It was gorgeous and the little nativity scenes were a good reminder of the true meaning of christmas.

After that, we had dinner at the grand america.
I told my dad that i didn't think he should be eating with his hands at such a nice restaurant and this was his response.

after dinner we sat by the fire. It was delightful. I love fires.

Here are some pictures pre-christmas day.

Devin's dad came into town and so we went to see Devin's grandma.

A couple of days after christmas we went with devin's family to philadelphia. I have never been before and so it was fun to see.
One of their family friends lives in the beautiful countryside:

We went to phili to see family. Here are the nieces and nephews doing sean's (princess la la) hair. He was a good sport.

We went to independence hall, liberty bell, etc. to see all the cool historical sights. and we saw this cool colonial man.

independence hall. my 5th grade sister-in law is almost as tall as me. real cool.

We pretended like we were Rocky and ran up the stairs of the art museum. This is the view of philadelphia from the top of the stairs.

On new year's eve, all 17 of us went to a movie. There's grandpa steve with all the movie tickets.

all of steve's children.

all of the sons.

New year's eve was really fun. We went over to our friends (shaughessys) and hung out. A few minutes before midnight, we were all gathered around the tv and everyone started blowing their horns and cheering. The dog was freaking out and barking and it was basically chaos. So hilarious. I love new years because it always reminds me of when dev proposed :)

off to cafe rio for a last hoo rah before i go back to work tomorrow!

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