Thursday, January 19

i love geo-caching. + st. george + the sun + 4 wheeling +lots of other things that 3 day weekends have!

Have you ever heard of geo caching??? it is basically the coolest thing ever! Just picture an awesome treasure hunt. Ash and Brad introduced us to it- (typical) Basically you go online and there is a whole list of geo caches all over the world! You are given the coordinates and you have to go and find it with a gps. It is basically a little container with random items/souvenirs that people leave and a little notebook to sign. We found some really fun caches in st. george that we had to four wheel/hike to get to. Awesome!

Here is brad and devin finding our FIRST geo cache.

This was when we found our 4th geo cache of the trip. I found this one first!! ... okay so maybe my dad was trying to be nice because i hadn't discovered one yet and so when he found it he said "ummm steph- come over here. I think this would be a good area to look in."

Brad's awesome gear.

Cute mom and dad.

party in the kitchen!

on sunday we went on a beautiful little hike to see some real petroglyphs!! so cool!

Shooting guns. I'm a proud owner of a concealed weapons permit. Now whenever i get pulled over, it shows up on my record. Watch out cops! i'm hard core! Oh and look at that form.

Devin on a cliff.

Hot tubbing.

more four wheeling.

the whole crew.

ahhh i love family trips!

now.. time to go pack my bags to go back to st. george/vegas!

Wish me luck on my half marathon! i'm a little nervous because i have this dang cold i can't get rid of. but hopefully i can run it under 2 hours. We shall see!

p.s. my sister has a hilarious blog. go here for more pics.

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  1. Good luck on your marathon!
    I love geocaching. Well, technically I've only done it once... and I was cheating... (A friend was teaching me how to do it by taking me to one he knew about). But I like to pretend. Miss you!!


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