Wednesday, January 18

i'm alive! and a happy birthday!

Life is crazy busy right now! (i guess it is always busy). But I haven't gotten around to blogging since Christmas because of it. The next post will be pictures from our St George trip last weekend for MLK day. It was a blast! I loved spending time with my family and being outside ALL DAY. I have really missed the sunshine while being cooped up inside all day. (which is why I have chosen to go out for recess duty every single day this week instead of just once each week. Being outside just lifts my spirits).

This friday we are actually headed back down to st. george so that i can run THE ST GEORGE HALF MARATHON! Woot Woot! and then we are meeting Bob down in Vegas for the rest of the weekend. So many trips and vacations... and pictures to upload on my computer. What a life. Love it!

P.S. Last weekend was Devin's dad's birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOB!! WE LOVE YOU! and we can't wait to see ya in VEGAS!

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