Sunday, January 29

sister saturday and french toast muffins

Yesterday was a sister saturday. We went to park city to look for celebs.... It didn't really work out. But we had a lot of success with shopping!

On the way up to PC, we made a quick detour to The Store in Midway. Ash and I are former cashiers at this lovely little grocery store (but at the one in Holladay). 

Ash with her diet coke + pebble ice. YUMMY! and a cupcake.

Once we got to PC we went to main street and then decided to try our luck at the outlets. We found some awesome deals! I got a cute purple dress at J Crew for $15!! (originally $40) I'm so pleased :)

The whole day we had blue skies and sunshine. The sunset was gorgeous during our drive home! It was perfect!

P.S. Today i made THE best muffins ever! Thanks to pinterest. These are 
FRENCH TOAST MUFFINS. I made THREE batches because they were so good and I wanted to take them to people. Give it a try!


  1. those look exactly like the "conference muffins" me and craig make :) they are super delicious.

  2. Oh man, this makes me miss my sisters!! I want to have a sister Saturday!! Also want to make those muffins, yum!


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