Tuesday, January 24


After my half marathon on Saturday, we drove to vegas to meet up with Devin's dad. It was a fun, but quick, trip! We stayed at the Treasure Island hotel. and boy was it full of treasures!

Bob got scared in the night and came to sleep on our chair so that we could protect him. (...that's a joke)

Yummy gelato at the Venetian!

My first gambling experience was very successful! I put in a dollar and won a dollar. That's two whole dollars!... Don't worry though. Devin and Bob taught me that it's a slippery slope and that I need to be careful.

Luckily we talked him out of buying a J Bieb portrait.

Four Seasons Sunday Brunch. It has become a Vegas tradition.

Walking around.

After watching the Patriots win! Boo yah!! I totally called who would win and the score! Maybe I'll move to Vegas and become a gambling fool. Sounds like the life for me.

P.S. HAPPY 1 YEAR AND 7 MONTHS TO US! Still goin' strong!

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