Sunday, February 26

europe and leprechauns

Lately, we have been planning our trip to Europe. EEEEK!! I'm so excited!

Our favorite research spot is at the cafe at Barnes and Noble
We will be going to London (my favorite place ever), and then taking a train all through France and down to the coast where we will slowly make our way over to Italy. And eventually end up in Rome.

I just can't wait to go here (Cinque Terre): 

In other important news.. Yesterday I ate my first foot long Subway sandwich! (in case you are wondering... it's only 8 weight watchers points for the veggie sandwich)

And here is a picture of my hair. (how else would i entertain myself in the gun section of walmart?) I am really proud for teaching myself how to french braid.
And here is devin in a creepy leprechaun hat. 

Have a fabulous sunday!

Thursday, February 23


I am in charge of my school's choir. 
It is lots of fun.
But it is over now... and today was our "big performance".
The kids were wonderful- of course. Here is a little video to show their amazingness.

Can you believe all these kids came an hour before school (mondays and wednesdays) for 5 months?

Monday, February 20

happy president's day weekend!

This weekend has been lots of fun so far! Gotta love those 3 day weekends. If it was a typical Monday, I would be teaching math. But instead, i'm sitting on my couch in my pajamas, watching shrek 2, and blogging. 

This weekend, Devin's dad came to visit his mother for her birthday, so we went up to Salt Lake a few times.
We were wandering around the Nordstrom shoe section (which is amazing right now) and ran into Shannon and Steve.
Then Bob showed up, and cousins Ashley and Eric! Party at the mall!
We headed over to cheesecake factory! Always a good choice (even if it was a 90 minute wait)
Bob with Grandma and BF Bruce

yuummmmmyyy! I love cheesecake! Happy Birthday Grandma!
We went back to her house and there was a puzzle sitting on the table and so me and Ashley decided to finish it. The boys look like they helped but really they just ate popcorn and then went in the other room to watch sports. Ash and i were an awesome team and had that puzzle done in no time.
Sunday afternoon with cousin Tessa... and more free popcorn!
Great to see you Bob!!

Happy Weekend!!

Sunday, February 19

Valentine's Day

Oh Valentine's Day- how i love you!

Devin treated me very well this year and sent me 2 dozen roses at school :)
They are gorgeous!

Then, he surprised me with dinner reservations to Foundry Grill at Sundance.
I love that place. It's so cozy and we were right by a big fire place.

Last Saturday, Devin and I went shooting in the desert. I counted that as part of his Valentine's gift :)

Yesterday I ran 16 miles! It felt great and I'm barely even sore. The time flew by because I just downloaded netflix on my phone and so I watched 5 episodes of gossip girl (my new favorite show). 

Can't wait until it's time for the marathon! I'm so antsy and I just want to get out there and do it. 

p.s. aren't 3 day weekends the best? It makes sunday so much better because I know that I don't have to get up early tomorrow. Ahh what a life :)

Friday, February 17

my little choir

Monday night my choir sang the national anthem at the UVU basketball game. I was pretty nervous all day... but that all changed the second we walked onto the court and I realized there were about 100 people total in the whole arena... I felt like I was at a high school basketball game... a very small high school.
But, despite the low attendance, it was SO much fun and the kids loved it! They sounded wonderful too! I love my little choir!

Monday, February 13

national anthem

Tonight my choir of 3rd-6th graders will be performing the National Anthem at the UVU Basketball game. 
I'm quite nervous right now....Wish us luck!

Saturday, February 11

love is in the air

What an exciting week!
Exhibit A: My brother in law got his mission call! To Guadalajara Mexico!! He leaves June 13. We are sure going to miss him, but missions are always a good idea :)

Exhibit B: My best friend, Stefi, got engaged in D.C.!!! I'm so excited for her and Blake! They are so cute together (as you can see)

Exhibit C: My other friend, Jenny, got engaged too! Love is in the air folks!! I'm so happy for these guys!

And in honor of these exciting events, I got my nails done. 

Can't wait for Valentines day!!! 

Sunday, February 5

some good "rom coms"

After my run yesterday, I was exhausted! Dev wasn't back from skiing yet, and so I decided it was the perfect moment to pop in one of my favorite chick flicks: My Best Friend's Wedding. 
Here is my FAVORITE scene. I made devin watch it when he got home :)

Later that night we went to see Devin's grandma for her birthday! We took her one of my favorite cakes from The Store: Cakes De Fleur. YUMMY. Nothing beats chocolate with butter cream frosting!
When we got home, I looked at the movies on Netflix and found another one of my favorite chick flicks: Father of the Bride II.  Without asking dev for his opinion, I pushed play. And i'm happy to say that he actually kind of enjoyed the movie. I really enjoyed it. I was laughing, crying, and just being super emotional. It was great fun!

Saturday, February 4

"partyin' partyin' yeah"

This morning I ran 15 MILES!!!! It was crazy! and I'm so proud of myself. Last night i had the worst attitude ever and was psyching myself out and thinking that I couldn't do it. I woke up and felt the same way. But.. what did i do? I went to the gym and proved myself wrong. and it felt so good.

All i needed was my water, my powerade, and my gu. My goal today was to test out some gu to see how it made me feel. LOVE IT! especially the chocolate kind. It is like eating frosting!

Our apartment finally has some decorations in it. I LOVE valentines day. It is honestly one of my favorite holidays. I just love all the pink. and i love love.

Last night we went with our friends to the BYU volleyball game! It was a bummer because we lost to Stanford. But that's okay because i just like to people watch anyway.

After the game we went to Tera Mia for dinner. I seriously love these guys. I haven't seen them forever and it was so fun to catch up. I'm happy i married someone who has AWESOME friends that married/ or are marrying amazing girls. 
it's always awkward when you are at the front of a picture. you just always seem larger than everyone else.