Sunday, February 26

europe and leprechauns

Lately, we have been planning our trip to Europe. EEEEK!! I'm so excited!

Our favorite research spot is at the cafe at Barnes and Noble
We will be going to London (my favorite place ever), and then taking a train all through France and down to the coast where we will slowly make our way over to Italy. And eventually end up in Rome.

I just can't wait to go here (Cinque Terre): 

In other important news.. Yesterday I ate my first foot long Subway sandwich! (in case you are wondering... it's only 8 weight watchers points for the veggie sandwich)

And here is a picture of my hair. (how else would i entertain myself in the gun section of walmart?) I am really proud for teaching myself how to french braid.
And here is devin in a creepy leprechaun hat. 

Have a fabulous sunday!


  1. That Europe vacation sounds amazing!! So excited for you guys!

    1. Thanks Becca for being my dedicated blog commenter :)


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