Saturday, February 11

love is in the air

What an exciting week!
Exhibit A: My brother in law got his mission call! To Guadalajara Mexico!! He leaves June 13. We are sure going to miss him, but missions are always a good idea :)

Exhibit B: My best friend, Stefi, got engaged in D.C.!!! I'm so excited for her and Blake! They are so cute together (as you can see)

Exhibit C: My other friend, Jenny, got engaged too! Love is in the air folks!! I'm so happy for these guys!

And in honor of these exciting events, I got my nails done. 

Can't wait for Valentines day!!! 


  1. GUADALAJARA!!! That is so awesome!! That is where Taber and I met! We did a study abroad down there and I loved it so much! The lady we lived with actually took the discussions while we were there and got baptized! It was great working with the elders and now Dev's brother is going to be one of them! How cool is that?

  2. We have a friend that is going there on the same day. His name is Jason Eldredge from Draper. Small world.


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