Saturday, February 4

"partyin' partyin' yeah"

This morning I ran 15 MILES!!!! It was crazy! and I'm so proud of myself. Last night i had the worst attitude ever and was psyching myself out and thinking that I couldn't do it. I woke up and felt the same way. But.. what did i do? I went to the gym and proved myself wrong. and it felt so good.

All i needed was my water, my powerade, and my gu. My goal today was to test out some gu to see how it made me feel. LOVE IT! especially the chocolate kind. It is like eating frosting!

Our apartment finally has some decorations in it. I LOVE valentines day. It is honestly one of my favorite holidays. I just love all the pink. and i love love.

Last night we went with our friends to the BYU volleyball game! It was a bummer because we lost to Stanford. But that's okay because i just like to people watch anyway.

After the game we went to Tera Mia for dinner. I seriously love these guys. I haven't seen them forever and it was so fun to catch up. I'm happy i married someone who has AWESOME friends that married/ or are marrying amazing girls. 
it's always awkward when you are at the front of a picture. you just always seem larger than everyone else.


  1. Nice new header pic. I might have taken that. Let me know if you need anymore glamour shots.

  2. Steph you are amazing! I've started running again and you definitely are an inspiration. I don't know if I can ever get to your level though. Haha. :) Love your Valentine's decorations!


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