Sunday, February 5

some good "rom coms"

After my run yesterday, I was exhausted! Dev wasn't back from skiing yet, and so I decided it was the perfect moment to pop in one of my favorite chick flicks: My Best Friend's Wedding. 
Here is my FAVORITE scene. I made devin watch it when he got home :)

Later that night we went to see Devin's grandma for her birthday! We took her one of my favorite cakes from The Store: Cakes De Fleur. YUMMY. Nothing beats chocolate with butter cream frosting!
When we got home, I looked at the movies on Netflix and found another one of my favorite chick flicks: Father of the Bride II.  Without asking dev for his opinion, I pushed play. And i'm happy to say that he actually kind of enjoyed the movie. I really enjoyed it. I was laughing, crying, and just being super emotional. It was great fun!

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