Friday, March 30


Happy Birthday to this guy on Tuesday!
My dad is just the best. Love you dad!
This week I had my class do giant murals. Here are two out of the six that we did.

And.. this made me laugh the other day. The kids were supposed to be drawing an animal and a student drew an overweight bird. The title kills me: "Mcdonalds hits africa"
clever child.

Today I had to go to the 5th grade maturation with the boys. That was awkward.  The kids were FREAKING OUT all day (and basically all week leading up to it).

p.s. Devin's birthday is next Thursday and mine is Saturday! So exciting!!! I can't believe we will be 24!- my lucky number !

Saturday, March 24

phi kappa phi

I married a really smart person. It's pretty cool to be married to someone so intelligent. It has even started to rub off on me which is a huge bonus. When smart people do really well in school and get super good grades, they get invited to a club called phi kappa phi. Then you get to eat a yummy dinner and listen to a speaker. Oh and they give you a pin too. 

We felt really lucky to have so many family members there. We have the most supportive parents ever!

Here we are with my parents
Devin's dad flew in from LA for the evening just so he could be there to support his son.
Devin's grandpa drove 3.5 hours from grand junction, colorado just to support his grandson.
My dad and g-pa bob!

Our cute brothers and sister:)

Devin's proud parents
group shot

and the after party and our place. Cousins eric and ashley rigg even stopped by for some rigg family fun! and brownies!

It was a really fun night and I'm glad I married someone who is such a hard worker and really intelligent.

Tuesday, March 20

st. patty's day

Our weekend was really busy, which I loved. Friday I didn't have school because it was the end of the term. Yippee!! Only one term left!
Friday I basically cleaned, ran some errands, went to the gym, stuff like that.
Friday night we went to see Devin's little sis in the play, Oliver. She was the cutest little street beggar ever! And she had wonderful stage presence. So confident and in character. She was fantastic!
She is at the bottom left.
Here's another one. She's adorable
Before the play we went to Barbacoa. Delicious! I haven't been there since junior high and i forgot how delicious their burritos are :) Now that I think of it- I think junior high was the last time I had a burrito at all. Boy they are yummy. Anyway... back to pictures. Here is Dev.
The next morning we ran off those burritos by doing a St. Patricks day 5k with my Dad! It was sure hard to get up that early, but it was totally worth it. I got a PR! Which I was really surprised with because we took the first few miles SUPER easy and then the last mile I tried to pick it up. It certainly paid off because my time was 27 minutes! I got 4th in my age division!
Devin is a good sport and so supportive of his wifey who likes to run 5k's at the last minute.
The chik-fil-a cow. The last few races I have done have had some pretty weird food at the end. CHICKEN? REALLY? A. it is breakfast time.. B. I have never craved chicken after a work out. Let alone ever. 
Remember my half marathon in January? They served cupcakes... that was weird too.
Just give me a banana and some chocolate milk and i'm a happy camper.

After the race, we waited around for the awards because my dad got first in his age division. Way to go dad! He is super speedy. He tried as hard as he could to stay with us, but the last part he just had to sprint ahead. I kept telling him to go ahead, because I know it is hard for him to just relax during a race. Can you say: competitive? 
After the awards, we stopped at Einstein's for some bagels.
Then we went to the Sportsmen's expo. What a manly place to go!
Lots of trucks... fishing... hunting... jerky...trailers...all that good stuff.
My favorite part was the dog competition where the owner would throw something into a pool and the dog would run and jump to fetch it. It was kind of like long jumping for dogs.
But my favorite part is the concession stand. mmm popcorn!
nice shorts dad. :)

As of right now I have been on my couch for about 4 hours. School is KILLING ME slowly! I'm exhausted all the time. Props to those teachers who have taught for 20+ years... and are still alive and sane.
Well time for my 10 pm.  bedtime! Adios!

Tuesday, March 13

a year, a win, and some tangents

One year ago 

-I was hired at my school
-I ran the longest distance I had ever run up until that point. (16 miles)
-I injured myself running
-i lost my first toe nail due to running (sorry. that's pretty gross)
-dev was studying SOOOOO much for the MCAT.

This year...
-the school year is just a few months from ending. and i will be saying goodbye to my cute students :(
-I just ran an even longer distance, thus beating last year! 18 miles!!
-I'm not injured (the biggest victory of the year)
-i have ALL toenails
-dev is about to graduate!! (in one month)

one more thing....
BYU just won! way to go cougs! it's a good night 

another thing...
Daylight savings has totally thrown me through a loop. Anyone else in the same boat? This has never happened to me during the past time changes, but I am exhausted, and yet I can't fall asleep at my regular bedtime. But then I have the hardest time getting up early. It's quite the dilemma..

Sunday, March 11

cosmo and the longest run of my life

i have a strange love/obsession for cosmo the cougar. He's just such a friendly little cougar and i get so happy when i see him :)
Well, guess what?!? He came to my school on Friday for an assembly because the kids read a certain amount of minutes for their read-a-thon!! I was looking forward to it for a while. and my students thought i was crazy because i was more excited for it then they were. hmmm that's weird...

Friday and Saturday night we got to see cosmo again at the BYU volleyball games. That's two nights in a row of volleyball. We are die hard fans.
Saturday morning I ran 18 miles!! I can't believe I actually did that! It's the longest I have ever run and it only took me 2 water bottles, 1 powerade, and 2 gu's to do it. I feel on top of the world! (besides the fact that i'm a bit sore. BUT not as sore as one would expect from running so far)
Can't wait for one more long run and then my marathon. I'm so ready for it!

After my long run, I drank my gigantic glass of chocolate milk and then got ready SUPER fast so that we could meet Devin's friends to go shooting. 
The perfect afternoon. sunshine... gorgeous view...subway sandwiches.. 
Devin and Jeremy skeet shooting.

The wives. Tera has an AWESOME shot. I was really impressed.

Devin's new gun that HE BUILT! from scratch people! He is so manly and tough. I love a man that can build a gun. Especially an intense one like this.
More skeet shooting.
shooting our newest gun. We were so happy that it actually worked!
BFF's! I love it when these boys all get together. Just like their good old highschool days :)

This week i'm looking forward to...
1. midnight showing of hunger games!
2. Bachelor season finale
3. No school on friday!

Thursday, March 8

color me rad!

Well hello! Can you believe it's almost the weekend again? Time is flying and i'm loving this nice-ish weather we have been having. It makes waking up to get to the gym A LOT easier.  

There is something AMAZING coming up that every single person that reads this should sign up for!
 It is called... drum roll please.... COLOR ME RAD! 
It is a 5k at UVU on April 28th!
 (it'll be a nice quick run after my marathon the week before)
It is a mix between "the festival of colors" and running! (so you get colorful chalk thrown at you as you run) What could be better?
Go to the WEBSITE for more info and to sign up!! it's cheaper if you sign up by tomorrow

Here's me at the festival of colors a few years ago. It's going to be like this- but in running clothes! so excited!!

why am i so excited about this?
well, a man that works at the grocery store stopped me and Devin on saturday and told us about it. His son is in charge and so he is trying to help him spread the word. Good enough reason for me to sign up for a race!

Wednesday, March 7

friends and yogurtland

Last night we met up with our friends Stefi and Blake for dinner and dessert! It was so fun! They are visiting from DC for some wedding planning business :) Can't wait for June!!!
Blake and Dev--Instant friends since we met Blake one day at a Provo pool a few summers ago. Who would've thought that he'd marry my best friend ?
ahh so precious :)
The happy couple! 
BFF's!! Love this girl! (and i love when we go to yogurtland)

Friday, March 2


As I was dropping Devin off at school this morning, we were noticing what a gorgeous day it was. Sunny... fresh new snow... And we decided it would be a good idea to go skiing.
So I went to my school and worked for the first half of the day while trying to find a sub at the same time. Everything fell into place, and by 1:00 we were on the Park City slopes. (side note: i'm not that irresponsible. It's my second personal day I've used this whole school year)
The wind made things  a bit chilly.

We went down some steep runs. I may have started to cry at one point... I  get scared.

But overall- I was ecstatic!
We went to Duvanzo's pizza after. Delicious!

On a different note- Our wedding cake was featured in the Utah Bride and Groom Magazine!! My mom came across it and text me a pic. Man I loved that cake.
Let's just reminisce... here's another picture:
I'm never been so in love with a cake.