Thursday, March 8

color me rad!

Well hello! Can you believe it's almost the weekend again? Time is flying and i'm loving this nice-ish weather we have been having. It makes waking up to get to the gym A LOT easier.  

There is something AMAZING coming up that every single person that reads this should sign up for!
 It is called... drum roll please.... COLOR ME RAD! 
It is a 5k at UVU on April 28th!
 (it'll be a nice quick run after my marathon the week before)
It is a mix between "the festival of colors" and running! (so you get colorful chalk thrown at you as you run) What could be better?
Go to the WEBSITE for more info and to sign up!! it's cheaper if you sign up by tomorrow

Here's me at the festival of colors a few years ago. It's going to be like this- but in running clothes! so excited!!

why am i so excited about this?
well, a man that works at the grocery store stopped me and Devin on saturday and told us about it. His son is in charge and so he is trying to help him spread the word. Good enough reason for me to sign up for a race!

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