Sunday, March 11

cosmo and the longest run of my life

i have a strange love/obsession for cosmo the cougar. He's just such a friendly little cougar and i get so happy when i see him :)
Well, guess what?!? He came to my school on Friday for an assembly because the kids read a certain amount of minutes for their read-a-thon!! I was looking forward to it for a while. and my students thought i was crazy because i was more excited for it then they were. hmmm that's weird...

Friday and Saturday night we got to see cosmo again at the BYU volleyball games. That's two nights in a row of volleyball. We are die hard fans.
Saturday morning I ran 18 miles!! I can't believe I actually did that! It's the longest I have ever run and it only took me 2 water bottles, 1 powerade, and 2 gu's to do it. I feel on top of the world! (besides the fact that i'm a bit sore. BUT not as sore as one would expect from running so far)
Can't wait for one more long run and then my marathon. I'm so ready for it!

After my long run, I drank my gigantic glass of chocolate milk and then got ready SUPER fast so that we could meet Devin's friends to go shooting. 
The perfect afternoon. sunshine... gorgeous view...subway sandwiches.. 
Devin and Jeremy skeet shooting.

The wives. Tera has an AWESOME shot. I was really impressed.

Devin's new gun that HE BUILT! from scratch people! He is so manly and tough. I love a man that can build a gun. Especially an intense one like this.
More skeet shooting.
shooting our newest gun. We were so happy that it actually worked!
BFF's! I love it when these boys all get together. Just like their good old highschool days :)

This week i'm looking forward to...
1. midnight showing of hunger games!
2. Bachelor season finale
3. No school on friday!


  1. Hi Stephanie! It's Sharon from Ohio! I miss you guys! I enjoy your blog. Has Devin been accepted to med school yet? When will we know which one? Love you guys

  2. Oh yea and can you text me your cells again? I fell and crashed my iPhone. Glass in hand. Such a clutz. Also do you guys know Devin Graham from BYU? What about Lindsay Sterling? Sharon.


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