Saturday, March 24

phi kappa phi

I married a really smart person. It's pretty cool to be married to someone so intelligent. It has even started to rub off on me which is a huge bonus. When smart people do really well in school and get super good grades, they get invited to a club called phi kappa phi. Then you get to eat a yummy dinner and listen to a speaker. Oh and they give you a pin too. 

We felt really lucky to have so many family members there. We have the most supportive parents ever!

Here we are with my parents
Devin's dad flew in from LA for the evening just so he could be there to support his son.
Devin's grandpa drove 3.5 hours from grand junction, colorado just to support his grandson.
My dad and g-pa bob!

Our cute brothers and sister:)

Devin's proud parents
group shot

and the after party and our place. Cousins eric and ashley rigg even stopped by for some rigg family fun! and brownies!

It was a really fun night and I'm glad I married someone who is such a hard worker and really intelligent.


  1. Congrats! That is amazing, I just squeak by in school, wish I was more like that!


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