Friday, March 2


As I was dropping Devin off at school this morning, we were noticing what a gorgeous day it was. Sunny... fresh new snow... And we decided it would be a good idea to go skiing.
So I went to my school and worked for the first half of the day while trying to find a sub at the same time. Everything fell into place, and by 1:00 we were on the Park City slopes. (side note: i'm not that irresponsible. It's my second personal day I've used this whole school year)
The wind made things  a bit chilly.

We went down some steep runs. I may have started to cry at one point... I  get scared.

But overall- I was ecstatic!
We went to Duvanzo's pizza after. Delicious!

On a different note- Our wedding cake was featured in the Utah Bride and Groom Magazine!! My mom came across it and text me a pic. Man I loved that cake.
Let's just reminisce... here's another picture:
I'm never been so in love with a cake.


  1. I LOVED your cake too! Can't wait to party and get your wedding advice next week!!!!!

    1. yay!! can't wait.
      We were considering camping out at the airport with signs for your arrival.. but we figure your mom probably wants to see you first :)


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