Tuesday, March 20

st. patty's day

Our weekend was really busy, which I loved. Friday I didn't have school because it was the end of the term. Yippee!! Only one term left!
Friday I basically cleaned, ran some errands, went to the gym, stuff like that.
Friday night we went to see Devin's little sis in the play, Oliver. She was the cutest little street beggar ever! And she had wonderful stage presence. So confident and in character. She was fantastic!
She is at the bottom left.
Here's another one. She's adorable
Before the play we went to Barbacoa. Delicious! I haven't been there since junior high and i forgot how delicious their burritos are :) Now that I think of it- I think junior high was the last time I had a burrito at all. Boy they are yummy. Anyway... back to pictures. Here is Dev.
The next morning we ran off those burritos by doing a St. Patricks day 5k with my Dad! It was sure hard to get up that early, but it was totally worth it. I got a PR! Which I was really surprised with because we took the first few miles SUPER easy and then the last mile I tried to pick it up. It certainly paid off because my time was 27 minutes! I got 4th in my age division!
Devin is a good sport and so supportive of his wifey who likes to run 5k's at the last minute.
The chik-fil-a cow. The last few races I have done have had some pretty weird food at the end. CHICKEN? REALLY? A. it is breakfast time.. B. I have never craved chicken after a work out. Let alone ever. 
Remember my half marathon in January? They served cupcakes... that was weird too.
Just give me a banana and some chocolate milk and i'm a happy camper.

After the race, we waited around for the awards because my dad got first in his age division. Way to go dad! He is super speedy. He tried as hard as he could to stay with us, but the last part he just had to sprint ahead. I kept telling him to go ahead, because I know it is hard for him to just relax during a race. Can you say: competitive? 
After the awards, we stopped at Einstein's for some bagels.
Then we went to the Sportsmen's expo. What a manly place to go!
Lots of trucks... fishing... hunting... jerky...trailers...all that good stuff.
My favorite part was the dog competition where the owner would throw something into a pool and the dog would run and jump to fetch it. It was kind of like long jumping for dogs.
But my favorite part is the concession stand. mmm popcorn!
nice shorts dad. :)

As of right now I have been on my couch for about 4 hours. School is KILLING ME slowly! I'm exhausted all the time. Props to those teachers who have taught for 20+ years... and are still alive and sane.
Well time for my 10 pm.  bedtime! Adios!

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