Tuesday, March 13

a year, a win, and some tangents

One year ago 

-I was hired at my school
-I ran the longest distance I had ever run up until that point. (16 miles)
-I injured myself running
-i lost my first toe nail due to running (sorry. that's pretty gross)
-dev was studying SOOOOO much for the MCAT.

This year...
-the school year is just a few months from ending. and i will be saying goodbye to my cute students :(
-I just ran an even longer distance, thus beating last year! 18 miles!!
-I'm not injured (the biggest victory of the year)
-i have ALL toenails
-dev is about to graduate!! (in one month)

one more thing....
BYU just won! way to go cougs! it's a good night 

another thing...
Daylight savings has totally thrown me through a loop. Anyone else in the same boat? This has never happened to me during the past time changes, but I am exhausted, and yet I can't fall asleep at my regular bedtime. But then I have the hardest time getting up early. It's quite the dilemma..


  1. hate day light savings, I just stared at my computer all of work and could barely move. Also is it throw me through a loop? I always thought it was throw me for a loop...I have been wrong for so long

  2. Daylight savings is throwing us for a loop too. Well, mostly Evelyn. She has a hard time falling asleep at her normal bedtime, but she does sleep in (which I am not complaining about.) She's also not hungry at dinnertime, so she barely eats but is hungry when it's her (normal) bedtime. Aagghh!


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