Wednesday, April 25

Salt Lake City Marathon!

On Saturday I ran my first marathon! It was AMAZING! I can't even explain how incredible it was!
Devin and my dad drove me to the start up at the University of Utah. It was THE perfect day! It was about 58 degrees at the start and the sun was just coming up. It was gorgeous! and the perfect temp.
We took off and I felt awesome. Basically from mile 1 I felt the "runner's high". I was on cloud 9 running through neighborhoods and being with all of the other runners. 

Devin and my dad are the best fans ever and came to find me every few miles. I was only expecting them to see me at the half way point and the finish but they came and found me the whole way. It made me so happy!
This is at about mile 6! Still feelin' strong!
I loved this race because it basically goes through all of salt lake city and right passed my parents house (which is the half way point).   In previous years, we have watched the marathon go by while eating pancakes with our neighbors . Last year, I kept crying as the runners went by because I was signed up to run it, but ended up not being able to because I hurt my leg during training. This year I finally reached my goal and got to run past our friends and family. It was the best feeling! (i may have teared up... Happy tears!)
Devin-the world's best husband/fan- handed me some more gu, water, sunglasses, and ATP!
So basically the first half was incredible and I felt awesome. 
The second half got a little toasty but I still felt great. 
Starting at mile 20, I started getting a bit tired, but I totally expected that.
The last 3 miles were SO HARD!!!! my legs were really tired and I was soooo ready to be done.
The last mile was ALL UP HILL! I was so angry at the race planners! It literally was the only hard hill of the race and it had to be the last mile. I basically walked the majority of it and finished in about 5 hours and 1 minute!
Don't worry- i wore that medal to school on monday.
Devin's family came to support!
Here are my fans! It was so fun to have them there at the finish line!
And the rest of the day I basically slept and then relaxed on my parents amazing patio! I barely could move!
We went to cafe rio that night! (of course) and then to Paradise Bakery for these:
mmm...I love cookies :) and running :) 

Monday, April 23

Devin's BYU graduation!

We have been busy around here lately. 
Devin graduated last week! He put on his graduation outfit and immediately became a wizard.
D and his friends at the first session of graduation
We had perfect seats!
I just love my BYU grad :) I made sure to wear BYU blue on both graduation days. I'm just a hard core cougar fan.
 With bro. in law- Brad, who graduated in Engineering.

The whole group! Dev's family, my family, and Brad's mom.
This was the next day for the graduation part where he got to walk across the stage and get his diploma.

Waiting for it to begin! (once again, wearing BYU blue)
Proud fathers!
Devin (phi kappa phi rope/tassel things) and his proud dad!
His VERY supportive parents
My parents are awesome! They went to Devin AND Brad's separate graduations. Dedicated fans of their sons in law!
Devin's best friend growing up.
We went to dinner after at Tucano's after! Yummy!

I'm so proud of Devin and how great he has done with his degree in Neuro Science. He is so smart and such a hard worker! Not only did he graduate in such a hard major,  but he graduated with phi kappa phi and cum laude. He's just amazing! 

Okay. Bragging time over :)

Next post: SLC MARATHON!!!

Tuesday, April 17

jazz vs. mavericks

Last night we went to the Jazz game vs. the Mavericks. It was a great game and so fun to watch!.. even if I had to stay up way past my bedtime. 
Our seats weren't too bad either :)
This guy on the maverick's team is soooo scary. (apparently he is always in trouble with the law and should just be in jail...classy.) He even gave one of the jazz players a wet willy during the game! RUDE!! That's a big no-no in the NBA world. 
(This next picture I got online..)
Look at what a jerk he his! Pickin on a white boy. 

After triple over time, we made our way home and I got to bed at about 1 am. We had so much fun!

Sunday, April 15

20 miles

Yesterday Devin took 2 finals and I ran 20 miles! I feel like a crazy person! But so happy that I did it. I wasn't hurting too bad until we went to a dance party last night. I just couldn't resist and we ended up dancing for a while and now i'm sooo sore. Luckily we slept in til noon! Felt so good. I'm planning on icing and resting all week because my marathon is on saturday! ahhh! I can't believe it is here! 

Last night we got home at about 1 am. I was obviously pretty out of it because I left my car keys/house keys in the apartment door ALL NIGHT! Luckily we live in a safe place because that would have been the easiest break-in ever! I feel so foolish.

Friday, April 13

spring break in california

On Tuesday we went to L.A. for some california sun fun!

On the plane ride, we kept ourselves entertained by making a chinese pagoda out of a dollar bill.
We arrived at LAX...
and went straight to Menchie's for some frozen yogurt... and for some celeb spotting!
There, behind me, is Jermaine Jackson (aka Mohammad Abdul Aziz) ?? say what wikipedia?
we headed over to Devin's dad's house, where Bob gave dev a tutorial about working the hot tub.
Then we went to Marmalade for some yummy dinner! 
I got to meet some more members of the Rigg clan: Betsy and Nancy Rigg. (cousins of Bob)
The next day we went to the mall...I had a salad that changed my life... and then we went to see the Dodgers. But first we had to make a stop at Menchie's for some more yogurt! No celebs this time :(
It was a little chilly, but baseball games are just the best. I barely even noticed how cold it was!
Gorgeous night!

Bob posing like a baseball player.

The best part of the night was when they showcased the Dodger organist: Nancy Bea. They showed her on the big screens playing the organ in her little box up above the stands. So cute!
The following day we went to Yoga (i'm so sore)... and then to Corner Bakery for oatmeal that changed my life (i just really love food apparently)... and then to Universal Studios!

We went on the coolest tour to see all of the movie sets! 
We drove past where they filmed War of the Worlds. 
This is where they filmed the plane that crashed in it. They bought a real 747 plane for $60,000 and then it cost them $200,000 to transport it to Universal Studios to film. Crazy! 
This is Who-ville where they filmed the Grinch. 
Where they film Desperate Housewives. I've never seen it. but it was a cool street and looked just like a real neighborhood!
After our cool little tour, Dev made me go on the Jurassic Park ride. It was a fairly cold day, but we decided to go on it anyway and risk getting wet. 
We got DRENCHED! I'm not just talking about a little bit of water here and there. We were totally soaked. And we were the only 2 in our whole boat that were wet. 

After that, we drove down to Santa Monica and walked around. There was a saxophone man playing in the street and I fell in love! (with his music, that is.) Then we met Bob at the Cheesecake Factory where I had another salad that changed my life :)

And then we came home today. and lived happily ever after!

Monday, April 9

what's happenin'

Devin's birthday was on Thursday and mine was on Saturday. We had a lot of fun- besides the part when I had strep throat. Poor Devin didn't get to do very much on his birthday because his wifey was laying on the couch moaning. But he was a good sport.

Luckily the day before I got strep, I made a cake... that wasn't contaminated... i think...
Ryan (who also had strep this week) came over to celebrate and then we went to dinner at a random Thai place. 
Friday I went to school in the morning (bad idea) and felt like I was going to die. Luckily I found a sub and went to the doctor that afternoon. Those meds worked wonders!
And by Saturday, I was up and ready to go to the new City Creek Mall for more birthday fun!

It's such a cool mall! I love it.
Devin's family met us there and we had some dinner at the Nordstrom Cafe.
Oh and Devin got a rat tail the other day. I braided it for him. Now that is true love.
On Easter Sunday we went to my parent's church to watch my mom give the Relief Society lesson AND hear both of my parents speak in sacrament meeting. They are so amazing and did a great job! It was really fun to go and watch.
After church, we went with ash/brad and my grandma and her sisters to my parent's house for french toast! It was such a fun sunday and great to see everyone!

After that we stopped at Devin's house for an easter egg hunt. Those things never get old!
The end!

Tomorrow we are off to California!! The fun never stops :) Spring Break is the BOMB.COM! (today i slept in til noon. and then took an hour nap)

p.s. my marathon is in 11 days. I'm freaking out!! I'm just scared my legs will fall off. That would be awkward