Sunday, April 15

20 miles

Yesterday Devin took 2 finals and I ran 20 miles! I feel like a crazy person! But so happy that I did it. I wasn't hurting too bad until we went to a dance party last night. I just couldn't resist and we ended up dancing for a while and now i'm sooo sore. Luckily we slept in til noon! Felt so good. I'm planning on icing and resting all week because my marathon is on saturday! ahhh! I can't believe it is here! 

Last night we got home at about 1 am. I was obviously pretty out of it because I left my car keys/house keys in the apartment door ALL NIGHT! Luckily we live in a safe place because that would have been the easiest break-in ever! I feel so foolish.


  1. I've TOTALLY left my keys in the front door before! Thank goodness for Provo!

  2. 20 MILER!! DONE!!! You are almost there! So excited for you this Saturday! Can't wait to hear how it goes!!


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