Monday, April 23

Devin's BYU graduation!

We have been busy around here lately. 
Devin graduated last week! He put on his graduation outfit and immediately became a wizard.
D and his friends at the first session of graduation
We had perfect seats!
I just love my BYU grad :) I made sure to wear BYU blue on both graduation days. I'm just a hard core cougar fan.
 With bro. in law- Brad, who graduated in Engineering.

The whole group! Dev's family, my family, and Brad's mom.
This was the next day for the graduation part where he got to walk across the stage and get his diploma.

Waiting for it to begin! (once again, wearing BYU blue)
Proud fathers!
Devin (phi kappa phi rope/tassel things) and his proud dad!
His VERY supportive parents
My parents are awesome! They went to Devin AND Brad's separate graduations. Dedicated fans of their sons in law!
Devin's best friend growing up.
We went to dinner after at Tucano's after! Yummy!

I'm so proud of Devin and how great he has done with his degree in Neuro Science. He is so smart and such a hard worker! Not only did he graduate in such a hard major,  but he graduated with phi kappa phi and cum laude. He's just amazing! 

Okay. Bragging time over :)

Next post: SLC MARATHON!!!

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