Wednesday, April 25

Salt Lake City Marathon!

On Saturday I ran my first marathon! It was AMAZING! I can't even explain how incredible it was!
Devin and my dad drove me to the start up at the University of Utah. It was THE perfect day! It was about 58 degrees at the start and the sun was just coming up. It was gorgeous! and the perfect temp.
We took off and I felt awesome. Basically from mile 1 I felt the "runner's high". I was on cloud 9 running through neighborhoods and being with all of the other runners. 

Devin and my dad are the best fans ever and came to find me every few miles. I was only expecting them to see me at the half way point and the finish but they came and found me the whole way. It made me so happy!
This is at about mile 6! Still feelin' strong!
I loved this race because it basically goes through all of salt lake city and right passed my parents house (which is the half way point).   In previous years, we have watched the marathon go by while eating pancakes with our neighbors . Last year, I kept crying as the runners went by because I was signed up to run it, but ended up not being able to because I hurt my leg during training. This year I finally reached my goal and got to run past our friends and family. It was the best feeling! (i may have teared up... Happy tears!)
Devin-the world's best husband/fan- handed me some more gu, water, sunglasses, and ATP!
So basically the first half was incredible and I felt awesome. 
The second half got a little toasty but I still felt great. 
Starting at mile 20, I started getting a bit tired, but I totally expected that.
The last 3 miles were SO HARD!!!! my legs were really tired and I was soooo ready to be done.
The last mile was ALL UP HILL! I was so angry at the race planners! It literally was the only hard hill of the race and it had to be the last mile. I basically walked the majority of it and finished in about 5 hours and 1 minute!
Don't worry- i wore that medal to school on monday.
Devin's family came to support!
Here are my fans! It was so fun to have them there at the finish line!
And the rest of the day I basically slept and then relaxed on my parents amazing patio! I barely could move!
We went to cafe rio that night! (of course) and then to Paradise Bakery for these:
mmm...I love cookies :) and running :) 


  1. Great job Steph! What an amazing accomplishment! You are one dedicated girl, and I'm glad you were finally able to run your marathon!

  2. Im so proud of you S! Way to go!! See you in less than a month!!!

  3. So so proud of you Steph! LOVE that you wore your medal to school on Monday! I totally would've too! I always wear mine to whatever restaurants we eat at for the rest of the day : ) Such an amazing accomplishment and it shows in the huge smile on your face! WTG!!!


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