Monday, April 9

what's happenin'

Devin's birthday was on Thursday and mine was on Saturday. We had a lot of fun- besides the part when I had strep throat. Poor Devin didn't get to do very much on his birthday because his wifey was laying on the couch moaning. But he was a good sport.

Luckily the day before I got strep, I made a cake... that wasn't contaminated... i think...
Ryan (who also had strep this week) came over to celebrate and then we went to dinner at a random Thai place. 
Friday I went to school in the morning (bad idea) and felt like I was going to die. Luckily I found a sub and went to the doctor that afternoon. Those meds worked wonders!
And by Saturday, I was up and ready to go to the new City Creek Mall for more birthday fun!

It's such a cool mall! I love it.
Devin's family met us there and we had some dinner at the Nordstrom Cafe.
Oh and Devin got a rat tail the other day. I braided it for him. Now that is true love.
On Easter Sunday we went to my parent's church to watch my mom give the Relief Society lesson AND hear both of my parents speak in sacrament meeting. They are so amazing and did a great job! It was really fun to go and watch.
After church, we went with ash/brad and my grandma and her sisters to my parent's house for french toast! It was such a fun sunday and great to see everyone!

After that we stopped at Devin's house for an easter egg hunt. Those things never get old!
The end!

Tomorrow we are off to California!! The fun never stops :) Spring Break is the BOMB.COM! (today i slept in til noon. and then took an hour nap)

p.s. my marathon is in 11 days. I'm freaking out!! I'm just scared my legs will fall off. That would be awkward

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