Thursday, May 24

crazy weekend in zion's

Wow! What a busy couple of weeks. A can't remember the last time I went this long without a blog post!
We went to st. george/ zion's again last weekend with a bunch of friends.
We went to hike the subway on Thursday. Here is our group:
This is while I am still a happy hiker :)
So happy that guzy and I wore matching tank tops!
You hike for a few miles (not really on any sort of trail) and then you get to a little mini canyon that's super narrow and you have to basically climb over rocks and down a river for 7 miles. Craziness!! I can't believe I did it! Way harder than a marathon.

This is the first water encounter... The water was pretty dang cold- 56 degrees! (as you can tell from my facial expression)
This is one of the swimming parts. Brrr!!!
Everyone lined up for another swimming part.  The worst part was lowering yourself down rocks with just a rope. I have 0% upper body strength and so it was pretty challenging. During one part, we had to lower ourselves down and then swim down this super narrow/deep part and then swim under a log that was blocking it. Yeah I could barely swim it was so cold/terrifying.
 case in point: No upper body strength. Hence the guys helping me down.
I'm not a huge fan of snakes... or swimming through water spiders/frogs/fish. I definitely had to be brave that day.
pretty water pools.
At least the hike was really pretty! This is the part that gives the hike it's name: Subway.
Devin was very sweet to me during the hike... Even when I was upset and cried a lot. 

Here are a bunch of frogs. yummm...
I wish I had a picture of the hole I fell into! I feel into a water hole up to my neck. When they pulled me out I was covered in moss and little black bugs. EWWWWW!!!

The next day everyone went to angel's landing. I was a bit too sore for that. (i'm blaming it on not fully recovering from my marathon before hiking the subway)
They got some beautiful pictures though!
Devin and Guzy hiking up.
So pretty!!
They had to hike up this!! Isn't that scary? Cliffs on each side.
These pictures make me so nervous!
I love this picture.

I love this picture. Maybe I will photo shop myself into it.
The next day we drove around zion's and walked up a path to where the "narrows" end. It was really pretty!
Bus ride!
the narrows
Another bus ride picture. We had such a huge group!!
Basically it was an awesome  trip and so fun to be with all of our friends. Especially because a lot of us are moving away this coming fall :(
My parents happened to be in st. george for their anniversary and so we stayed with them. They are the best hosts ever! They fed us so many meals and let all 12 of us swim in their pool. They're the best!

On the way back, we stopped in Kannaraville to see the eclipse. Apparently it was the perfect location to be in and so there were thousands of people there! 
We didn't have the special glasses that everyone bought and so we tried to put 5 pairs of sunglasses together....

I won't be blogging again for a while because we are currently moving and then off to Alaska on Saturday!! woo hoo!! my summer break starts in 22.5 hours!!

Thursday, May 10

st. george!

Last weekend we went to St. George!! It was wonderful and so warm! We basically went to the pool and ate lots of yummy food. Thank you to my parents for coming down and entertaining us :)
This is breakfast at the Bear Paw Cafe!
Pool time!
In 'n' Out! 
Running with my dad! He is super speedy. He tried to make me run a mile as fast as i could and the best I could do was 8 minutes. Then he made me do it again. Once we did that, he took off and ran a mile in 6:30! WHAT THE!
We went to watch the Ironman finishers!! They are so hard core and inspiring! 
This is the 1st woman to cross the finish line. She is my hero!! Now that is a legitimate athlete! 
More pool side pics.
Last night we biked out to Utah Lake. and i got a flat tire. stupid gigantic thorn. I did that on our last bike ride too. Luckily devin is super useful and fixed that tire.

that's me.
and here is Dev.

Tuesday, May 1

running and rat tails

My sister is pretty awesome and moved into a gorgeous apartment! I'm slightly jealous :)
We went to visit and became even more jealous when we saw their sweet tv! Perfect for playing kinect.
Here is dev playing darts! (somehow my arm was sore the next day...WEAK!)
This is brad's white board for tutoring his brother andrew.
Just crazy as usual. (i got super hyper cuz ash fed me chocolate milk and popcorn)
On Saturday we went to the BYU track meet!! Miles Batty was planning on breaking a 4 minute mile which hasn't been done in Utah since Doug Padilla did it on May 21, 1983 in 3:57:83. My dad actually was in that race when Doug broke the record! So my parents came as well and we got to sit with the Padillas. (VIP STATUS)
This is a picture of Doug shooting the gun for the start of the race. What a champ!
 Turns out Miles couldn't break it, but he ran it in 4:04:53 which is AMAZING!!
There he is speeding by!
Here are the rest of the runners
Here's another one of Miles. He got so far ahead of everyone else!

And here is Devin's rat tail that he has decided to grow... again... 
When he came back from getting his hair cut, I thought the lady had made a mistake and missed a spot. But nope- he asked for it.
He came to my class today to help me correct papers (what a great husband) and he got some compliments from the kids on his rat tail. I was like, "please don't encourage this guys".  Oh my crazy husband.