Tuesday, May 1

running and rat tails

My sister is pretty awesome and moved into a gorgeous apartment! I'm slightly jealous :)
We went to visit and became even more jealous when we saw their sweet tv! Perfect for playing kinect.
Here is dev playing darts! (somehow my arm was sore the next day...WEAK!)
This is brad's white board for tutoring his brother andrew.
Just crazy as usual. (i got super hyper cuz ash fed me chocolate milk and popcorn)
On Saturday we went to the BYU track meet!! Miles Batty was planning on breaking a 4 minute mile which hasn't been done in Utah since Doug Padilla did it on May 21, 1983 in 3:57:83. My dad actually was in that race when Doug broke the record! So my parents came as well and we got to sit with the Padillas. (VIP STATUS)
This is a picture of Doug shooting the gun for the start of the race. What a champ!
 Turns out Miles couldn't break it, but he ran it in 4:04:53 which is AMAZING!!
There he is speeding by!
Here are the rest of the runners
Here's another one of Miles. He got so far ahead of everyone else!

And here is Devin's rat tail that he has decided to grow... again... 
When he came back from getting his hair cut, I thought the lady had made a mistake and missed a spot. But nope- he asked for it.
He came to my class today to help me correct papers (what a great husband) and he got some compliments from the kids on his rat tail. I was like, "please don't encourage this guys".  Oh my crazy husband.

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